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    San Diego Padres.

Tennis Sunglasses


Premium sunglasses for tennis, featuring polarized and shatterproof lenses, and a Lifetime Guarantee.

Tennis Sunglasses with 100% UV Protection

Our tennis sunglasses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection, giving your eyes complete protection from harmful UV rays. Plus, all our Lifestyle Sunglasses are available with polarized lenses, which contain an extra filter that cuts out glare. This makes your eyes feel more relaxed and makes colors appear brighter and bolder.

Polarized sunglasses also offer enhanced clarity, giving you a better view of the ball every match, and our performance sunglasses include hydrophilic nose pads and earsocks, to keep your tennis sunglasses firmly in position every time you play - no matter how much you sweat.

If you typically wear contact lenses, our prescription sunglasses for tennis are the best choice for you. These offer the top-level lens quality, durability and lifetime guarantee service you know and love from SunGod, just with added prescription.

Discover Tennis Sunglasses that Last a Lifetime

SunGod tennis sunglasses are ultra-durable, made from highly flexible memory polymer frames and shatterproof lenses. Shatterproof lenses keep your eyes safe every time you step on court, making them an essential item in any tennis player's kitbag.

The best sunglasses for tennis are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that if they break - or you break them - we'll repair them free of charge. We've repaired over 8000 pairs in the last 10 years, keeping SunGods in circulation and out of landfill, driving down our footprint.

Customize Your Eyewear for Every Serve

Our tennis sunglasses are fully customizable, for free - meaning you can create a pair of custom sunglasses as unique as you are. Choose from tens of thousands of color, lens and icon combinations, to create a pair of sunglasses that you love, both on and off the court.

See Better with SunGod, Whatever Your Sport

As a performance eyewear brand, we create sunglasses for every sport. From baseball sunglasses for the San Diego Padres, to team collections for McLaren F1 Team, we design and engineer sports sunglasses for the world's leading athletes. And as a B Corp, you can rest easy in the knowledge that each pair of SunGods is certified Carbon Neutral. To learn more, discover our Impact Report.