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prescription sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses


Prescription sunglasses offering enhanced clarity, durability and customization. Polarized or non-polarized, with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Prescription Sunglasses from SunGod.

After years of product development, we're now able to offer the same design, experience and quality you expect from SunGod sunglasses - but this time, with prescription. With prescriptions ranging from -8.00 to +6.00, Prescription by SunGod offers prescription sunglasses with enhanced clarity, durability and customization, for sports and for everyday.

Available polarized or non-polarized, across SunGod's entire Lifestyle Series™ sunglasses collection. Lifetime Guarantee as standard.

Our Prescription Service: How It Works.

  1. Design your Sunglasses. Choose your preferred SunGod model and colour combination.

  2. Choose Prescription Lenses. Click "Select Lens and Buy". Choose from a choice of Standard or Thin lenses, with an optional Polarization upgrade.

  3. Upload your Prescription. Either upload your prescription immediately after checkout, or later via a link in your email.

  4. Receive your Sunglasses. Delivered within 4 weeks of us receiving your prescription.

Ultra-durable Prescription Sunglasses, with a Lifetime Guarantee.

All SunGod sunglasses are built to last, and our prescription collection is no different. All our prescription sunglasses are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, which covers all accidental damage and breakage apart from lens scratches.

Plus, all our frames are built from a highly flexible memory polymer that's built to flex without snapping, and our lenses feature triple-layer scratch resistant coatings. Learn more about our Lifetime Guarantee.

See Better with SunGod.

At SunGod, we create performance sunglasses and prescription sunglasses, that are better for the planet. From carbon-neutral products to certified B Corp status, discover our mission to See Better.