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  • Voted Best Sunglasses by GQ, The Independent, The Telegraph and Runner’s World. Voted Best Sunglasses by GQ, The Independent, The Telegraph and Runner’s World.
  • Meet the newest members of Team SunGod: San Diego Padres.Meet the newest members of Team SunGod:
    San Diego Padres.
Sports Sunglasses

Sports Sunglasses


Sports sunglasses featuring premium materials, interchangeable lenses, and ultra-durable frames, all backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.  

Enhance Your Game with Market-Leading Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses improve your performance, whatever your sport. From cycling to running, baseball to tennis, high-quality sports sunglasses enhance your game every time, through reducing eye strain, improving clarity, and cutting out glare. All SunGod sports sunglasses feature premium materials, interchangeable lenses, and ultra-durable frames, all backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.  

Performance Sunglasses for Every Sport

From cycling to sailing, running to baseball, our purpose-built sports sunglasses have been precision-engineered to level up your game. With polarization to cut out glare, prescription options for enhanced vision, and market-leading, ultra-clear 8KO® lens technology, our sunglasses improve every outdoor sports experience.

SunGod sports sunglasses lenses are paired with ultra-durable, memory polymer frames with Pop-Lock™ Screwless hinge technology, for all-day comfort and long-lasting durability. Plus, all SunGods are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee as standard, which means you can commit 100% to that dive, tackle or overtake, safe in the knowledge that if anything happens to your eyewear along the way, we've got you covered. 

Sports Sunglasses Designed With Athletes, For Athletes

Our sports sunglasses are worn by elite athletes and teams around the world, who make up Team SunGod. Sporting icons on our roster currently range from 7x Tour de France winners INEOS Grenadiers and world number 1 trail runner Courtney Dauwalter, to globally recognised teams such as England Rugby and McLaren F1 Team.

We bring these athletes into the testing process for our lens technology, fit and materials, and use their feedback to drive our innovation forward and make sure our sunglasses are the best on the market - every time. Team SunGod athletes prove the performance of our products on the global stage, so when you choose sports sunglasses from SunGod, you know they've already been road-tested at the very highest level. 

The Best Sports Sunglasses

SunGod sports sunglasses are as versatile as the athletes who wear them, and many of our sunglasses are well-suited to a whole host of different sports. However, some are designed with specific sports in mind: 

Best for runners: Ultras™. These are our award-winning running sunglasses, featuring an all-new zero-bounce frame construction, hydrophilic contact points for maximum grip, and a frameless design for maximum peripheral vision on the road or trail. Winner of the 2023 iF and Red Dot Design Awards. Not right for you? Explore our Guide to Running Sunglasses for more running options. 

Best for cyclists: Vulcans™. Our bestselling cycling model, built with bikes in mind. Featuring interchangeable top frame and full frame constructions and a choice of 4 nose pads, so you can find the perfect fit in terms of ventilation, coverage and protection. Still not sure? Check out our Guide to Cycling Sunglasses

Best for all-rounders: Tempests™. Built for both - the Tempests™ include performance features, like hydrophilic nose pads and ear socks for complete grip, in a more casual frame style. Fit in on the streets as well as on the sports field. 

See Better with SunGod.

At SunGod, we're on a mission to See Better: through our lenses, through our actions, and through doing business better. And with you, our mission is multiplied.

Through our Lifetime Guarantee, we've repaired over 6000 pairs of sunglasses and goggles to date, keeping them in circulation and out of landfill. Because keeping your gear in play is better than throwing it away.