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Chelsea Sodaro in SunGods

Triathlon Sunglasses


Perfomance sunglasses built to enhance your triathlon experience. Worn by Ironman World Champion Chelsea Sorado.

Worn by the Best: As Worn by Ironman World Champion Triathlete, Chelsea Sodaro

Our triathlon sunglasses are worn by some of the world's best triathletes. From Ironman 70.3 Champion Chelsea Sodaro, to Olympic medalist Hayden Wilde, Team SunGod is jam-packed with elite triathletes, who test our triathlon sunglasses at the very highest level.

We constantly use athlete feedback to refine the fit, clarity, and performance of our sunglasses, creating precision-engineered, fine-tuned lenses and frames that will enhance every triathlon experience.

How to Choose the Best Triathlon Sunglasses

The best triathlon sunglasses are unique to you. Every triathlete is different, and to find the right sunglasses for you, there are a number of elements to consider.

Head Size: Athletes with larger heads and faces, as you'd expect, need larger sunglasses. We recommend the Vulcans™ and the Airas™ for medium and large head sizes, while the Velans™ suit smaller faces. If you're not sure what size is right for you, the Ultras™ are a great option, offering a universal fit that's compatible with almost every face size.

Coverage vs Airflow: Some triathletes prefer maximum coverage, particularly while on the bike, to keep wind and debris out of their eyes as much as possible as they ride. Others prefer to opt for maximum airflow instead, keeping them cool and minimizing any risk of lens fog as they train. For maximum coverage, we suggest full-frame sunglasses, like the Full Frame Vulcans™and Bottom Frame Airas™ , and for maximized airflow, you're best choosing zero-frame or top-frame options, like the Top Frame Velans™ or Zero Frame Airas™.

Favourite Discipline: If you're a triathlete who's come to the sport from cycling, it's likely you'll spend lots of time of the bike. Equally, if you're a natural runner, you'll probably spend more time running. While all SunGod sunglasses are versatile and can be used for both disciplines, the Velans™, Airas™ and Vulcans™ are primarily aimed at cycling, and the Ultras™ are our first pair of running-specific sunglasses, featuring a unique arm shape for zero frame bounce as you run.

Performance features: Whatever triathlon sunglasses you choose, it's important to look for performance features to enhance your race. All our Pace Series™ performance sunglasses offer anti-fog lens technology, hydrophilic rubber contact points for maximum grip, four sizes of nose pads for the perfect fit, and interchangeable lenses, so you can match your lens to the weather conditions. We also offer our Iris™ photochromic lenses which change in response to UV, meaning your triathlon sunglasses turn darker or lighter to match changing conditions throughout your session.

Ultra-Durable Sunglasses for Every Triathlete

All SunGod triathlon sunglasses are built to last. All SunGod lenses have triple-layer scratch-resistant coatings, frames made from an ultra-durable memory polymer that flexes without snapping, and hinges featuring Pop-Lock™ Screwless technology, which removes weak screws from the design.

And on top of this, our sunglasses are covered by the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee, which means if your SunGods break - or you break them - we'll repair or replace them free of charge. We've repaired over 8000 pairs of sunglasses and goggles since 2013, keeping products in circulation and out of landfill.

See Better with SunGod.

Our Lifetime Guarantee is just one of our sustainability commitments at SunGod. We're on a mission to See Better; both through our lenses, and through doing business better. We're a certified B Corp, meaning we maintain a triple bottom line of people, profit and planet, and all our products and operations are verified Carbon Neutral. To learn more about our sustainability work, check out our 2023 Impact Report.