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Mountain Biking Sunglasses

Mountain Biking


Sunglasses and Goggles for MTB, featuring interchangeable lenses, triple-layer scratch resistance, and a Lifetime Guarantee.

Durability & Performance: The Ultimate MTB Combination

SunGod sunglasses and goggles for mountain biking combine ultra-durable, high-performance materials with fully customized designs as standard. Rip the trails with maximum coverage from wraparound full-frame designs, and maintain optimum vision in any conditions with our wide-ranging selection of interchangeable, clear and low-light lenses.

8KO® Lenses For Superior Clarity on the Trails.

Our mountain biking sunglasses and goggles offer our market-leading 8KO® lens technology. This is optically superior and lighter than industry-standard polycarbonate, offering you a clearer view of the trail ahead.

Plus, all SunGod sunglasses and goggles feature triple-layer scratch-resistant lens coatings and interchangeable lenses, so you have complete versatility and durability every time you ride.

The Best Sunglasses & Goggles for Mountain Biking.

Whether you're a diehard goggles and full-face rider, or you prefer to keep it lightweight with glasses, we've got the MTB eyewear for you. Our top picks for mountain biking goggles and sunglasses include:

  • Ullrs™: the Ullrs™ are new to our goggles collection, and feature a full-frame design for enhanced durability, alongside an ultra-flexible TPU frame and anti-slip strap. This makes them the perfect goggles for downhill mountain biking, as they stay secure and keep your clear vision as you rip the trails.

  • Vulcans™ or Airas™: For those who prefer sunglasses for mountain biking, we suggest either the Vulcans™ or Airas™. These feature our largest lenses, offering maximum coverage from dirt, dust and rain as you ride. Available with or without bottom frames, allowing you to customize your pair for either enhanced ventilation or coverage.

Interchangeable Lenses for Total Versatility.

All our lenses are fully interchangeable, including our clear, low-light and photochromic lenses. Switch your lenses in as little as 15 seconds, to optimise your mountain bike experience based on the conditions.

Choose from a range of lenses, from our HV lenses, which are designed for low-light conditions, to our lenses for bright sunshine, like the Fire and Silver Blue. Plus, in our Pace Series™ collection, we offer photochromic lenses which lighten or darken in response to UV, meaning you can ride without having to switch lenses on the go.

The SunGod Lifetime Guarantee.

Like all SunGod products, our mountain biking sunglasses and goggles are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. This means that if you break your SunGods, we'll repair them free of charge - keeping your gear in play instead of throwing it away. This is kinder on our planet and on your bank balance, and we've repaired over 7000 pairs of sunglasses and goggles to date.