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SunGod Vanguard ski goggles in Green

3 January 2024

Anti-Fog Goggles: How They Work & Why You Need Them

Our Guide to Fog-Free Skiing & Snowboarding

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Anti-fog goggles are an absolute essential in any skier or snowboarder's backpack. We all know the frustration of dropping into fresh powder or carving up a freshly groomed piste, only to have your line ruined by a fogged-up goggle lens. It's annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes downright dangerous.

Whether you're getting deep in the backcountry or cruising corduroy, you need eyewear that you can rely on to provide 100% UV protection, enhanced visual clarity, and all-day comfort, all while keeping your view free of fog. Scroll to learn everything you need to know about anti-fog lens technology, and discover why SunGod should be your first choice for anti-fog ski and snowboard goggles. 

Table of Contents:

What Do We Mean By Anti-Fog Goggles?

Anti-fog goggles are a type of ski or snowboard goggles designed to resist fogging during use. By combining technical features such as hydrophobic, anti-fog lens coatings, enhanced ventilation, and dual-layer lenses, these snowsports goggles are engineered to combat any condensation that might naturally occur as you ride.

High-quality anti-fog goggles, like the SunGod Snow Series™, will provide clear vision no matter the conditions on the mountain. 

Why Do Goggles Fog Up?

Goggles fog up because of condensation and humidity. When the cold temperature of the mountain air meets the warmth of your face, tiny droplets of moisture can accumulate inside your goggles. These droplets form as condensation and fog, which block your view as you ride. When you start working harder and your body temperature rises, the temperature difference increases (and sweat gets added to the mix!), making the fogging even worse.

Whether you're looking for ski goggles or snowboard goggles, choosing a pair with anti-fog technology is absolutely essential to nailing your trip to the mountains.

Benefits of Anti-Fog Goggles

To avoid lens fog and the myriad of problems that come with it, you’ll need to choose a pair of anti-fog goggles. These designs often feature increased ventilation, a dual-layer lens, and a hydrophobic anti-fog coating, all of which help to prevent moisture build-up inside the lens.

The benefits of anti-fog goggles include:

  1. A safer ride, as clear vision lets you pick a line and avoid hazards.

  2. Improved temperature regulation, thanks to increased ventilation.

  3. All-day comfort, as you stay dry and cool no matter how hard you ride.

Having said that, every face is different, so to make the most of your next snow season, check out our Guide to the Best Ski Goggles to find the right pair of goggles for you.

How Do I Keep My Ski Goggles from Fogging Up?

Whilst anti-fog technology will go a long way in keeping your vision fog-free, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of a fog-free ski or snowboard trip. These tips will help reduce the risk of goggle lens fog even further:

  1. Choose the right goggles. Getting the right fit is very important, whether you have a larger or smaller face. Check out our Goggles Size Guide for more info.

  2. Layer correctly. To avoid overheating, dress light and pack extra layers in your bag in case the temperature drops.

  3. Dry your goggles. After each day on the hill, take your goggles off your helmet and leave them to dry in a warm place.

  4. Avoid resting your goggles on your helmet. This can lead to snow or moisture building up inside your lens.

  5. Carry a back-up lens. It always helps to have a dry replacement lens in your pocket to swap out in emergencies.

When the weather conditions are more extreme, you’ll need goggles to ensure you have enough wind and snow protection. However, for days with brighter conditions, less wind, or for relaxing piste-side, winter sunglasses can be a great alternative option. Try carrying a pair of ski sunglasses an alternative to your goggles for when the weather gods are smiling on you.

See Better with Anti-Fog Goggles from SunGod

SunGod 8KO® lenses are carefully crafted from 2mm nylon, which is tougher, lighter and clearer than the polycarbonate used by most sunglass and ski goggle manufacturers in the industry. It's the lens technology of choice for some of the world's best athletes - from Freeride World Tour champion skiers Maxime Chabloz and Arianna Tricomi, to 7x Tour de France-winning cyclists INEOS Grenadiers.

All SunGod lenses, whether 8KO® or Standard, feature anti-fog technology. Our sunglasses and ski goggles are designed, tested and worn by passionate sportspeople who know that a fogged-up lens will ruin any session. So, all our products are built with three key anti-fog design principles in mind:

  • Anti-Fog Lens Coating. All SunGod lenses feature an additional anti-fog layer that prevents fog build-up during sweaty workouts and cold days.

  • Enhanced Ventilation. Whether it's hidden vents on our goggles or a choice of 4 different nose pads on our sports sunglasses, all SunGod products are carefully designed to maximise airflow and reduce condensation and fogging.

  • Lifetime Guarantee. If your SunGods get damaged and their anti-fog performance is compromised, we'll repair them free of charge. Because we believe keeping gear in play is better than throwing it away. Find out more about our Lifetime Guarantee.

Explore our Snow Series™ Goggles:


New to the SunGod goggles collection, the Ullrs™ offer a full-frame design for enhanced durability, and a more compact geometry for a universal medium fit. Like all SunGod goggles, the Ullrs™ feature triple-layer scratch protection, precision-engineered vents and an anti-fog lens coating.

Product Image

Matte White with Silver Blue


The Snipers™ goggles are inspired by our original bestselling Revolts™, offering a spherical lens and a small to medium frame for enhanced optical precision. Featuring an anti-fog lens coating and additional vents to ensure clear vision, every time. Best for small to medium faces.

Product Image

Matte White with Pink

Sold out


The Vanguards™ goggles are designed for medium to large faces. Featuring an oversized lens for enhanced peripheral vision, and a hidden top vent for improved ventilation, so you can stay fog-free no matter how hard you ride.

Product Image

Matte White with High-Vis Blue

Sold out

See Better Every Season with SunGod

At SunGod, we specialise in market-leading eyewear to enhance your vision, whether you're looking for ski goggles, cycling sunglasses, or simply sunglasses for everyday.

Our mission is to See Better, so even if you break your sports sunglasses or polarised sunglasses we'll repair them for free. Because we know that keeping your gear in play is better for your bank balance, and better for our planet.

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