See Better

Better products. Better customer experience. Better for the planet.

Since day one we've taken a pioneering approach to making better and more sustainable eyewear products, challenging and revolutionising an industry and having plenty of fun along the way. Timeless Design. Built to Last. Athlete Tested. Community Approved. Guaranteed for Life.

The design of our products and their Lifetime Guarantee make our eyewear longer-lasting and reduces waste.

Our products are proven to perform in the most extreme conditions - summiting Everest, traversing continents and crossing Oceans. But they are designed for you, for every day. To enhance your adventures, your morning runs, your early morning rides and your waist-deep powder days.

Life Looks Better with SunGod, we're looking forward to you joining us.

Our Commitment to Sustainability.

We're committed to reducing our collective impact on the Planet. We have 4 key programmes that help us achieve that:

  • Built to Last
  • Guaranteed for Life
  • Leave No Trace
  • Impact

Our Values.

Better Products.

Better Products.

We take a practical and innovative approach to product design - functional, innovative and performance-focused engineering, premium materials and unmatched performance. Our eyewear is built to last.

Better Pricing.

Better Experience.

You can only buy SunGod from SunGod. No distributors, no retailers, no middlemen. We deliver our industry-leading products as soon as they are ready direct from our warehouse in the UK, with no long lead times or retailer mark ups of the traditional model.

Better for the Planet.

Better for the Planet.

We build products for life, that's why everything we make is backed by our unrivalled guarantee. If you break them, we repair them (for free). Because we know repairing products is better for the environment than replacing them. Keeping your gear in play is better than throwing it away.

Better for you.

Better for You.

Our sunglasses and goggles have been tried, tested and proven to perform in the most extreme conditions. You supply the adventure.

Where you'll find us...

We are Carbon Neutral.

Our Operations, Our Products, Our History.