5 ways to work hard and adventure harder

21 August 2019

5 ways to work hard and adventure harder


5 hard working adventure addicts share their tips for achieving the ultimate work-life balance...

Working a full-time job and fulfilling your ever expanding bucket list can be hard! We asked 5 adventurers to share how they balance their full-time jobs with full-time adventuring and above all, make it work…

There is no reason you can't work full time and adventure full time too!

1. Manage your time - The motivational speaker

Introduced to adventure late in life. UK based Laura Try, now 30, cannot get enough of it. She now travels the world sharing her story of how she has transformed her life from shopaholic to minimalist and endurance athlete. Her most recent challenge saw her rowing across the Atlantic with 3 other women...

"My advice for anyone looking to max out on their work-life balance is careful time management. During the week when I am working, I am strict about getting up at 5am to allow myself time to work out and eat healthily before knuckling down to a days work. This leaves me with lots of time to plan my weekend getaways in the evenings. It’s taken me years to learn this but now I have mastered the balance, I am having the best life."

"I made a decision years ago to be self employed so I could manage my time and do the work I love.”

2. Make the most of your holiday allowance – The teacher

Far from your average weekend warrior, France based Pierre Gaulon makes the most of his extended holiday time to adventure to the max…

"I’m addicted to sun, ocean and blue skies. For me, a successful trip has to include epic views as I’m always capturing with my action camera. It takes time and money to plan a trip like this. As a teacher, my holidays are part of the school year schedule so I use my weekends to save money and max out on the holiday time allowed by my work when it comes around!"

“Think outside the box! Save money on your weekends and use your holiday allowance to take those big, once-in-a-lifetime adventures.”

3. Seize every opportunity - The nurse

Registered ER nurse and eco lodge owner, Hailey Van Dyk thrives on all things outdoors. When not working she is trail running, climbing, mountaineering and biking. The nature of her work means she must grab opportunities to escape as soon as they arise...

"My weekends are always all over the place since I do shift work. I might have a midweek weekend so a lot my adventures are whirlwind and spur of the moment! My work / adventure balance can be difficult as my shifts can be all over the place. Because of this, when I have a day off, I make the most of it. From sun up to sun down I try and be outside doing what I love. The best day is when I can fit in a few different adventures in one day. Sometimes if work is particularly busy, I respect that I might need a bit of down time too so I let myself sleep in and plan for a more mellow adventure."

"Don’t waste your time wishing to get outside, if it is something you want to do, do it!"

4. Keep it simple - The community manager

Steph Ede is an ambitious 70.3 Ironman Age Grouper and GB Duathlete. Steph's adventures usually involve her escaping the city and pushing her body to the max...

"Weekends are for escaping the city, pollution and noise. My adventures start with sunrise, strong coffee and a beautiful landscape to explore by foot or bike. Less planning adds a level of surprise and adventure - less is more in my opinion! The simple pleasures of a tent, like minded friends, lots of food and a warm fire are perfect for a quiet evening recounting the day’s activities. With a couple of friends and suitable gear, you can make a memorable weekend and you don't need to stray too far from the city to find that - don't overthink it!"

"Less planning adds a level of surprise and adventure; however you cannot beat a local hidden gem of a café or pub to refuel.”

5. Keep it close to home - The CEO

CEO of global running community, Midnight Runners, Jody Bragger thrives from his life of adventure. The nature of his job means that the lines of work and adventure are often blurred and he takes a lot of his inspiration from the community he has worked to develop...

"Being CEO of the world’s most badass global running community means that I get to travel the world as I expand the business. I’m a passionate long distance runner and I use it as a way to explore the world. My advice for anyone looking to maximize their weekends is to keep it local. Social media hints that real adventures need to start at the edge of the Hindu Kush but actually within a couple of hours of most cities I have had some of my most memorable adventures. Not only does local mean more time to explore but they are guilt free - we can all do more to reduce the amount we fly and keep our adventurous spirit sustainable."

"Well planned weekend adventures have me back to work on Monday morning with a fresh perspective and that’s what it is all about!"

Who say's you can't work hard and play hard at the same time? Sure balancing the two can be difficult at times but hopefully these words of wisdom will inspire you to capitalise on these last glorious weeks of summer!