4 Inventive Ways to Adventure at Home in Lockdown

1 April 2020

4 Inventive Ways to Adventure at Home in Lockdown


Here’s how to keep the spark of adventure alive from the safety of your own home…

With many of us spending more time in our homes at the moment due to new lockdown measures, we’ll need to be more imaginative in order to stay prepared for our upcoming adventures. Whether you’re planning your trip-of-a-lifetime or you’re training for the competition season, here are 4 ways you can keep striving towards your adventure goals from the comfort of your own home...

"The only limit is your imagination!" SunGod Ambassador, Paul Romain (@paul_romain_) tidies up his rope work in preparation for a summer of climbing in his home in Chamonix, France.

1. Be Inventive with your space

From home HIIT work outs to press up challenges, the internet is packed full of inspiration for transforming your front room into a gym. If you’re looking for some inspiration, our Ambassadors and athletes got pretty creative with their self-isolation time last summer! UK based trail runner Rory Southworth (pictured) has already run to the top of Scafell Pike and climbed the height of Mount Snowdon using only his back steps. Alternatively, you could raid your garage and set up an assault course in your garden like SunGod Pro Athlete Coline Ballet-Baz. Why not try something similar and challenge your friends to top your efforts?

SunGod Ambassador Rory Southworth climbing the height of Mount Snowdon on his garden steps… “I just want to be a positive voice in all this.”

2. Get a turbo trainer

Are you burning to get out on your bike but unsure whether you should? The solution, get a turbo trainer! Set it up in your garden, balcony or front room and you’ve got yourself a virtual bike ride! If you want to ramp up the adventure element, invest in a smart trainer so you can connect to apps like Zwift. Design your own avatar, choose your bike and ride alongside other app users in Zwift’s virtual world. Explore the inside of active volcanoes, challenge yourself up mountain cols and keep your eyes peeled for rogue dinosaurs – a virtual adventure on your bike without setting foot outside your house! Despite having to pull the plug on riding the Tour de France this year SunGod Pro Team the Internationelles were not put off. Instead they turned to Turbo trainers to ride the distance and continue campaigning for gender equality in cycling.

"Having dedicated so much to our cause so far, there was no way we were giving up! We used Turbo trainers to complete a round-the-clock relay to cover the distance of the Tour as a team." Internationelles team captain Louise Gibson (@loukew) Photo: George Galbraith

3. Test your gear and refine your skills

Once you’ve cleaned, serviced and put away your winter kit, get your summer gear out and check that it is in full working order. Climbers, why not fix up a hang board and work on your grips, or practice some rope work? SunGod Ambassadors, Francesco Guerra and Paul Romain (pictured) have been fine tuning their rope skills from their respective homes in Italy and France... Tinkering with your gear is an excellent way to pass the time and when you’re able to use it in a more remote setting, you’ll have complete confidence. This will massively enhance your enjoyment of any adventure.

"In these long days spent at home, I have found a good routine to keep learning new things, improving techniques and skills, training and keeping my brain fresh." SunGod Ambassador Francesco Guerra (@francescoguerraphoto)
"In these long days spent at home, I have found a good routine to keep learning new things, improving techniques and skills, training and keeping my brain fresh." SunGod Ambassador Francesco Guerra (@francescoguerraphoto)

4. Plan your next adventure

When it comes to having a successful adventure, thorough planning is essential. Use this time to immerse yourself in your upcoming adventures and make a list of the places you want to go and the goals you want to achieve. Figure out a strategy for making those goals a reality and focus on laying down some plans so that you can nail the next adventure on your list. Speak to people who have been on the adventure before and wise up on the best locations to hit online. Finally, start planning your routes meticulously using maps and online tools like Fatmap. This way, you’ll be more prepared than you ever have been by the time you set off!

Use this time wisely to plan and scheme for your next adventure…  Photo: @edhockett

What are you doing to stay adventure ready at home? Be imaginative, be proactive and get prepared because we’ll be out adventuring again before we know it!