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JJ Vinet

18 November 2021

Celebrating The 10 Simple Pleasures Of Skiing…


Our winter Athletes and Ambassadors share why winter never gets old…

To all those who waited, winter is BACK - and we’ve never been more ready for it. First lifts, fresh lines and failed sends, we all know how stoked we feel when we get back on the snow. As we celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited winter of 21/22, our winter athletes and ambassadors share some of the best reasons we come back for more, year after year:

1. Good snow and good friends

"I obviously love the deep days, the powder days and the good snow - when it feels more like flying than skiing and you don't have to worry about what's underneath! And what is a powder day without good friends? Nothing! I love to share laughs and smiles with my friends in beautiful snow!" Ari Tricomi, SunGod Pro Skier

2. The Adrenaline

"Boots, bindings and skis are, in reality, only a tiny extension of the human body. What is possible when you have these on is incredible, it’s super human. The speed, the control, the ability to fly, it blows my mind every single day." James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, SunGod Pro Skier

3. A Powerful turn on hard-packed snow

"I truly love the feeling of a powerful turn on clean, hard-packed snow. The force firing through every part of you and the ski – just boom!" James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, SunGod Pro Skier

4. Freedom

"Is there anything better than cruising down the mountain on a fresh bluebird day - and the mind-clearing freedom it brings?" Katie Ormerod, SunGod Pro Snowboarder

5. Fresh corduroy carving

"The freshly groomed blue runs on the way to the park in the morning are a highlight of my day on the mountain. Cruising edge to edge, leaning into the turns and taking in the morning vibes is just the best." Billy Morgan, SunGod Pro Snowboarder

6. Fresh air

"Why does the air smell so good in the mountains!? Just walking out of the top gondola station and filling my lungs with that 100% crisp clean air first thing in the morning really starts the day off!" Billy Morgan, SunGod Pro Snowboarder

7. The carbs

"It's strangely satisfying to me, inhaling the morning porridge with the knowledge that this is what will fuel my day of pow shredding... Sometimes, the pizza, pasta and general carb-loading is as good or better than the skiing itself…" Kim Vinet, SunGod Ambassador

8. The worse the driving conditions, the better the ski conditions...

"Even when I’m white-knuckling it on the roads in winter, I’m filled with the anticipation of how good the skiing will be! Plus, you know it’s gonna' be a good day when you’re shovelling the car out to the sound of avalanche control blasting…" Kim Vinet, SunGod Ambassador

9. Fresh powder turns through the trees

"When you live in a ski town, you can really have the edge in the forest. You know where all the good stashes are and there is so much satisfaction in that. I live to dip into the trees after a fresh dump of snow and go left when the crowd goes right…. Smiling because I knew it was the right decision." JJ Vinet, SunGod Ambassador

10. The peaceful silence after a snowfall

"When out in the mountains, there's always a way to connect with serenity and peace. I love how snow absorbs sounds which makes it seem quieter outside. That sound of silence creates a place of centeredness inside me and fills me with excitement for the day to come!" Andrea Haughton, SunGod Ambassador

From that first binding snap of the season to the buzz of a trick landed and another new line skied, the simple pleasures of winter are endless. Right? So to all those who missed out last year, we’re happy to say that winter is here once again.

Prepare for the season in style, with ski goggles to snowboard goggles desgined to enhance your alpine experience. Get stoked for your winter adventures and watch our latest edit here: