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27 April 2022

Why do you run? Here's how the SunGod Community answered this very simple question...


Why do you run?

We asked 12 runners from the SunGod Community one very simple question...

Read time: 3 minutes

At SunGod, we equate running with feeling free. Whether you’re exploring the trails or pounding the streets, the SunGod Ultras™ are engineered to help you Run Better, and that doesn't just mean running faster. It means getting more out of your runs - from making new friends, to getting fitter, to improving your mental health - and finding freedom in that progress. Running gives people freedom in different ways, and freedom means something different for each of us.

So, to celebrate the launch of the SunGod Ultras™ - our first running-specific sunglasses - we found out how 12 runners from the SunGod Community find freedom through running, by asking the most simple question of all. Why do you run?

Here's what they had to say...

Josh Holman @ironman.josh

"When you think you’re at your limit, but then you find a way to break through and reach new heights, you get a serious rush - it’s addictive."

Kate Battersby @_kamusta

"My mind controls a large part of my running experience. I thought running was setting my mind free, but actually it has proved time and time again that my mind is powerful; running has helped me harness that power and taught me focus and positive thinking. It's the only time I feel in control. I know there are barriers, I know it's going to hurt, but my mind will break down those barriers."

Brit Tate @thebodymechanic101

"For me, the best things about running are:

- The social community that surrounds you. 

- Getting to enjoy exercise with my friends.

- How accessible it is.

- The endorphin kick that comes afterwards!"

Flora Beverley @foodfitnessflora

"In short, because I can! It brings a sense of freedom nothing else does. I know I won't always be able to do it, so I want to explore my capabilities and the trails as much as possible in that time. And most of all, it makes me happy!

Jeric Yuen @coderunnerguy

"Running lets me be creative! I love the fun of organising GPS Art events where I get to meet new runners and explore the city, while drawing a surprise piece of GPS Art at the same time. I also love how running gets me involved in charities; knowing that I'm able to give back to the community from time to time through running just gets me going."

Marcus Brown @marcus_runs

"A question I ask myself is: how can I bring more of me into my running, as opposed to running taking me away from myself? I aim to stay in that rhythm of that answer, as opposed to searching for external motivations, especially as my running continues to develop and change."

Rhiannon Hughes @rhivhughes

"The simple task of putting on your shoes, heading out the door and letting your senses take over. Listening to your feet on the pavement, your breathing and your heart pounding makes me feel alive. I'm fortunate to be able to move and be healthy."

Nick Bester @justalilbester

"There are a few things that motivate me to run:

- The likeminded people you get to meet. I love being a part of an encouraging, supportive running community.

- Travelling to different parts of the world for various races. Running through a city is by far the best way to experience it!

- The physical and mental benefits that running gives you. Nothing clears the head better than a jog…"

Michael Adeniran @theurbanchallenger

"My biggest motivation is to improve myself. You can always work on getting faster and stronger, and both of these goals are never ending which means we can always keep improving."

Farai Louis Samunyai @shutter.runner

"Competition is a driver; not just me competing against others or myself, but the competitiveness of others too. Watching others achieve great things pushes me to improve myself."

Hailey Van Dyk @haileyvandyk

"There is such a simple freedom in the movement of running. Just being able to lace up your shoes and run out your door without any other gear is so liberating. The simplicity in a complicated world is such a beautiful thing and it is my time to escape, so that I can come back to my life with more energy, happiness and grace."

Elsey Whyman-Davis @elseydavis

"For me, it's all about testing my limits. They're almost always beyond my expectations, and it suprises me every time. It’s such a rewarding feeling to discover how strong I can be if I work hard enough. When I started out running I would never have dreamed I would have achieved the things I have so far."

It's clear that running is about so much more than getting fit. By getting out there and hitting tarmac with your road running sunglasses, or the trails armed with trail running sunglasses, you can find freedom by clearing your head, exploring new places, creating friendships, building a positive mindset, finding creativity, and much, much more.

So, SunGod Community; why do you run?

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