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5 Adventure Films to Inspire You This Winter

4 December 2020

5 Adventure Films to Inspire You This Winter


Adventure from the comfort of your own home with these 5 incredible films…

Amid lockdowns, travel restrictions and resort closures many of us have had to stay agile with our adventure plans for this winter. If one thing is certain, we'll all have to be inventive in the coming months to keep our adventure appetites satiated. To help keep you stoked for what's to come, we share our 5 favorite recently released and upcoming adventure films:

1. Awaken

What’s it about? SunGod film debut AWAKEN, tells the story of 3 groups of SunGod Ambassadors each dedicated to the pursuit of adventure, each loyal to their home playground. Filmed in 3 iconic winter locations, the film follows these adventurers as they are faced with the growing impact of climate change, right in their backyard.

Why you should watch it: Contrasting the happiness we draw from the mountains with the harsh reality of an uncertain future, AWAKEN reminds us that the environmental message is simple; to adventure is to connect with the wild. It is this connection that empowers us to protect these fragile spaces and inspire others to follow.

Where to watch: AWAKEN is available to watch online here.

2. Zermatt to Verbier

What’s it about? Follow SunGod Ambassador Anna Smoothy and her team as they follow in the tracks of the famed ‘Patrouille des Glaciers’ route between Zermatt and Verbier. The film features some spectacular cinematography of Anna and her crew of freeriders as they trace the route, skiing big mountain lines against a picturesque alpine backdrop.

Why you should watch it: “Making this film has shown me that you don't have to fly to Alaska or Japan to live incredible ski experiences. Look first at the beauty that surrounds you before you go further afield. I also learned the importance of living your own experience and if you want to ski the PDG at full pace in your lycra, do it. And if you want to go off the beaten track to find your focus within big mountain descents, do that instead – we did!” Anna Smoothy, SunGod Ambassador.

Where to watch: Watch Zermatt to Verbier at factionskis.com

3. Skivas

What’s it about? Skivas is a female freeski movie based on friendship. The film follows 10 professional snowboarders and skiers including SunGod Pro Athlete Coline Ballet Baz, in all freeski disciplines, from the streets of Quebec to freeride lines of Chamonix.

Why you should watch it: “This movie had been a dream of mine for a while - getting skiers who inspire me together to showcase female freeskiing. Good motivation and positive vibes are a must for the success of such a project, ingredients that were provided by these rad ladies more than I could have hoped!” Coline Ballet Baz, SunGod Pro Athlete.

Where to watch: Skivas will be released online on Tuesday the 8th of December.

4. Frozen Goals

What’s it about? Follow SunGod Ambassador Sébastien Varlet and his buddy David Deliv on their ski adventures across France, Canada and Austria as they attempt to qualify for the Freeride World Tour. Catch the highs and lows of competition lifestyle as they shred steep descents, charge through tree fields and float neck deep down Canadian pillow lines…

Why you should watch it: “Frozen Goals shows an insight into what it takes to make it to the Freeride World Tour, from the competitions to the fun time training and scoring deep powder days. We’ve shared an insight into traveling and competing around the world to reach our goals of qualifying for the highest stage of free riding.” Sébastien Varlet, SunGod Ambassador.

Where to watch: Frozen Goals is currently available to watch on YouTube.

5. Running the Roof

What’s it about? If you’re not feeling the winter vibes right now then why not take a trip to Tajikistan with SunGod Ambassador Jody Bragger and his crew? Running the Roof documents a trail running adventure across one of the most remote places on earth. What began as a drunken bet follows Jody and his team across Tajikistan from the border of Afghanistan to the border of China, covering 400km in just 7 days - about a marathon a day, every day for a week. This film is a true adventure into the unknown.

Why you should watch it: “This story is not about finish lines or medals, rather what happens when you trust your two feet to carry you across one of the wildest places on earth. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that life is too short not to and follow through on your intentions. It is about self-doubt, self-discovery and ripping the lid off your life, grabbing it by the scruff of the neck and living out your wildest dreams.” Jody Bragger, SunGod Ambassador.

Where to watch: Running the Roof starts in the Banff World Tour from 26 Nov 2020 in 190 countries around the world. Full details of local screenings can be found at www.banffcentre.ca/banff-mountain-film-book-festival

These incredible films serve as a valuable reminder that there is a world out there, waiting for us to come and adventure in it when the time is right. The important thing now is to stay healthy, stay positive and remember that our best adventures are yet to come!