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8KO®snow Goggles


Performance goggles for skiers & snowboarders. Featuring anti-fog lenses, triple-layer scratch resistance, and a Lifetime Guarantee.

Chosen by the World's Best Snowsports Athletes.

SunGod ski goggles and snowboard goggles are worn by the world's best snowsports athletes. From Freeride World Tour champions Ari Tricomi and Maxime Chabloz, to Freestyle Olympian and Commentator James "Woodsy" Woods, our snow goggles are tested by the best. We use athlete design feedback to shape our products, from fit and comfort to anti-fog technology, ensuring our goggles are the best on the market.

New 8KO®snow Lenses.

Lighter, clearer and tougher than ever before. Our 8KO®️snow lenses are built with new, industry-leading nylon technology for the best optical clarity on the mountain, now available in an 8-colour collection for every possible condition. Discover more about 8KO®️ lens technology.

Enhanced Durability and a Lifetime Guarantee.

SunGod ski goggles frames are built from a super-flexible TPU, which moulds to fit the rider's face shape. This is matched with triple-density foam for complete comfort, even on your longest days on the mountain. 

Dual-layer lenses and anti-fog technology offer complete clarity, and a Lifetime Guarantee means you're free to ride as hard as you can, knowing that if anything happens to your SunGods, we'll repair them free of charge. Because keeping your gear in play is better than throwing it away. 

The Best Ski Goggles for Every Face Size.

Our ski goggles are built to fit every face size. They're all unisex and one-size, but we recommend checking out the size and fit description to make sure you're choosing the best goggles for you.

Best for medium to large face sizes: Vanguards™. These goggles have an oversized lens for maximized visibility and all-day comfort. OTG-compatible, the Vanguards™ ski goggles are perfect for medium to large face sizes. 

Best for a universal fit: Ullrs™. Our newest goggles are designed to offer a universal fit, that works for a wide range of face shapes and sizes. This is thanks to their compact goggle geometry and a lens that sits closer to the face. These are best for medium, large, and small faces. Learn more about the Ullrs design in our interview with the product designer.

Best for small to medium face sizes: Snipers™. This smaller model features a spherical goggle lens and on-lens ventilation, to keep your vision crystal-clear when you're riding hard. Snipers™ are best for small to medium faces. Also OTG-compatible. 

Still undecided? Check out our Guide to the Best Ski Goggles to help you choose your next pair of SunGods.

Join us on our mission to See Better.

At SunGod, we're on our mission to See Better: through our lenses, through our actions and through doing business better. We're a certified B Corp, which means we have a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. That means we're committed to protecting our winters for years to come, through collaborations like our work with Protect Our Winters - to support the incredible work of this climate advocacy charity, explore our Limited Edition Protect Our Winters Goggles.