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Golf Sunglasses


Our sunglasses for golf offer 100% UV protection, premium lenses and ultra-durable frames, to enhance your performance on the course.

100% UV Protection for Every Swing 

High-quality sunglasses are an essential tool for every golfer. All SunGod golf sunglasses feature 100% UV protection, triple-layer scratch-resistant lenses, and ultra-lightweight frames, for all-day comfort on the green or fairway. Plus, our Lifestyle Series™ golf sunglasses are available with polarisation to reduce glare and make colours appear bolder and brighter. We also offer prescription sunglasses for golf, to enhance clarity and help give golfers a better view of the ball.

Like all our sports sunglasses, SunGod golf sunglasses are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, meaning if they break - or you break them - we'll repair them free of charge.

Discover Polarised Golf Sunglasses

Golfers should choose polarised lenses for the best experience every round. Polarised lenses include a microfilter that cuts out glare, enhancing clarity and making your eyes feel more relaxed as you play. For the best golf performance, you should also make sure to choose 8KO® lens technology, which is available with or without polarisation. This is tougher, clearer and lighter than Standard lenses, with a material that's as clear as the surface of the human eye.

Plus, if the weather conditions change or you just want to mix up your style, all our lenses are fully interchangeable, and you can grab replacement lenses on our website at any time.

The Best Golfing Sunglasses

Two of our most popular sunglasses for golf are the Tempests™ and the Classics³.

The Tempests™ boast enhanced performance features, such as hydrophilic rubber contact points that increase grip the more you sweat, to help you nail your hole in one every time. But their casual shape fits right in when you're in the clubhouse, making them the ultimate pair of versatile golfing sunglasses.

The Classics³ also offer excellent performance, including anti-fog technology and shatterproof lenses, but in a more classic, timeless style. The perfect accessory for any golfer who wants to look the part.

All SunGod golf sunglasses are fully customisable for free - meaning you can create a pair of sunglasses as unique as you are. Just hit the "Custom" button when you're browsing for your sunglasses.

Discover Enhanced Vision with SunGod

At SunGod, we're driven by our mission to See Better: through our lenses, through our actions and through doing business better. We're a certified B Corp and all our products, from our cycling sunglasses to our ski goggles, are carbon neutral.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, discover our latest Impact Report.