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Baseball Sunglasses


Enhance your baseball game with unbeatable visual clarity, memory polymer frames, and shatterproof durability. Lifetime Guarantee.

Worn by the Best: Official Eyewear Partner of San Diego Padres.

We're proud to have joined forces with the iconic Californian Major League Baseball team, San Diego Padres, for the first time in 2024.

Our partnership will see the Padres wear SunGod sunglasses both on and off the field this season. The Padres will step up to the plate in our Pace Series™ visor sunglasses, and while off the field, the team will kick back in our Lifestyle Series™ sunglasses for everyday.

Friars fans should follow us closely this season, to be the first to catch the release of the Limited Edition SunGod x San Diego Padres sunglasses collections.

Market-Leading Lenses for Enhanced On-Field Vision.

SunGod lenses are designed to offer premium optical quality as you play. Our 8KO® nylon lens technology is clearer, lighter, and tougher than the industry-standard polycarbonate that's common across baseball. With 8KO®, you’ll have a clearer view of the ball, bases, and other players - every time.

The lenses in our baseball sunglasses have triple-layer scratch-resistant coatings to enhance their durability, and they're certified shatterproof, exceeding the USA’s stringent ANSI Z87.1-2003 regulations on impact resistance. So, you can head to the ballpark safe in the knowledge that your SunGods will last you, season after season.

And if you do manage to break your sunglasses? They're backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, which means we'll repair them for you, for free.

The Best Sunglasses for Baseball.

The best sunglasses for baseball enhance your field of vision, so you never miss a catch. Discover our visor and lifestyle shapes for complete focus and an uninterrupted field of vision:

  • Vulcans™ - A cylindrical lens shape, ultra-lightweight frames, extended peripheral vision and enhanced wind protection on the field.

  • Velans™ - Featuring a spherical lens, these baseball sunglasses offer optical precision with an ultra-lightweight convertible frame.

  • Tempests™ - This strong, versatile frame shape takes you from the batting square to the bleachers. Ultra-light with enhanced grip, perfect for hitting home runs.

  • Renegades™ - With a rectangular, classic shape, the Renegades™ are perfect for optimal baseball performance with a subtle, everyday look.

Still undecided? Check out our Guide To The Best Baseball Sunglasses.

Memory Polymer Frames for Optimum Fit As You Play.

Your baseball sunglasses have been designed to enhance your play every game. The frames of your sunglasses for baseball are engineered for maximum hold, no matter how fast you move. Featuring a flexible memory polymer frame material for ultimate durability, and hydrophilic nose pads and earsocks for Pace Series™ eyewear, which increase grip the more you sweat. Plus, our baseball sunglasses include Infinite™ 100% recycled frame options, for a 7x lower carbon impact.

Experience enhanced baseball performance through market-leading eyewear, with our 2024 sunglasses collection.

See Better With SunGod.

We're a Certified B Corp on a mission to See Better, which means we're committed to creating eyewear that lasts. We believe so much in our eyewear that we’ll repair your SunGods even if you break them, with our Lifetime Guarantee. To learn more about our commitment to minimizing our impact, head to our Sustainability Page.