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Carro Djupso

30 May 2019

5 minutes with Carro Djupsjö

Athlete Stories

Meet professional Wakeboarder Carro Djupsjö, the latest addition to the SunGod Pro Team…

"When I first discovered the warm, amazing adrenaline rush wakeboarding can give you - I dedicated my life to chasing it."

Wakeboarding since she was 13 years old, Swedish born Carro Djupsjö has come a long way since she nailed her first backroll in the freezing waters of her home wake park. Now a fully fledged member of the SunGod Pro Team, Carro shares her plans for summer, imparts her wakeboarding wisdom and gets a little bit philosophical…

1. What’s on the cards for you this summer Carro?

I have tons of plans this summer! Firstly I’ll be in Germany for the Langenfeld Open, Lithuania for the Red Bull Wake2el, the European Boat Championships and multiple stops of the WWA World Wake Series to mention a few!

2. Which 3 things which have you stoked for the season ahead?

Number one is definitely being in North Carolina most of the season for training and free riding. I’m also super excited about the Red Bull Wake2el as last year it was my favorite event. Lastly is the project that I have in the works in Italy but it’s still a secret!

3. Intriguing… What was the biggest lesson you learned last year?

To remember to enjoy every single moment. Sometimes I get caught up in the pursuit for progression and I get frustrated when things don’t go my way. This season I am going to focus on enjoying every moment of the sport!

4. If you had to wakeboard in one place for the rest of your life, where might that be?

That’s an easy one! Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. It is where I have chosen to base myself this season. I can ride the boat with my friend Kara Austin and Shark Wake Park is only an hour away. PLUS there is surf…

5. Let’s get philosophical now – Who is the most inspirational person you know?

My older brother has been my hero since day 1. He’s constantly reminding me to not take things for granted and to have my priorities straight. He also works harder than anyone I know.

6. And what’s the most inspirational thing anyone has ever said to you?

"Don’t forget that you’re doing good”. Sounds odd I know! It was said by my good friend Benjamin Hoppe, who’s also one of my all-time favorite wakeboarders. He used to say this to me that as I was fighting for new tricks. I would get so worked up and forget to remember how far I’d come. Every time I’m scared or frustrated about pushing my limits, his words pop up in my head. “Don’t forget that YOU are doing good.”

7. Now for the age-old debate: Cables or boat?

Oh the eternal question ha! I really cannot choose which is why I have been pursuing both for the past 5 years. I love riding cable and getting in my own zone but there’s so much fun to be had out on the boat with your crew getting each other hyped to try new things.

8. What’s your best piece of advice for budding wakeboarders?

Make mistakes! Don’t be scared of doing something wrong because making mistakes is the best way to learn. Also, always surround yourself with positive and supportive people.

9. Now for a quick fire round: Give us 3 words which best describe you…

Appreciative, energetic and stubborn!

10. Finally for a bit of fun, give us one rogue fact about yourself…

I used to play lead guitar in a punk band when I was 16. We called ourselves “Mary Unfaithful” but we never took off…

Thanks Carro - Always a pleasure! Don't miss this badass lady as she continues to make waves on the wakeboard circuit this summer! Check out her Pro Team profile here.