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World Ironman Champion Chelsea Sodaro in SunGod sunglasses

2 April 2024

Introducing Chelsea Sodaro

Get to Know the Triathlete behind the Titles

Athlete Stories

As the latest addition to Team SunGod, pro triathlete Chelsea Sodaro dives in with us to share her mission both as a triathlete and as a mother.

“I really want to show what’s possible for female athletes when we’re supported as full people.”

We’re excited to share this journey with Chelsea as she balances motherhood with chasing down the top spot on the podium at the Ironman World Championships in Nice this year.

Episode 1: Who is Chelsea Sodaro?

Episode 2: "My mantra is yes, yes, yes."

Episode 3: Chelsea's Mission

Episode 4: What does 2024 for hold for Chelsea?

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