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Sunglasses from SunGod

Men's Sunglasses


Sunglasses for men, backed by a lifetime guarantee. Featuring ultra-flexible frames and scratch-resistant lenses, for enhanced durability.

Experience 8KO® lenses for Ultimate Clarity.

Whether you’re looking for cycling sunglasses, trail running sunglasses or simply sunglasses for everyday, our unparalleled designs offer enhanced focus for every activity.

Featuring market-leading optical clarity, we offer our precision-engineered 8KOⓇ lens technology in up to 10 refined lens tints. Constructed from 2mm nylon, this lens technology features triple-layer scratch resistance, 100% UV protection and anti-glare coatings for unrivalled performance.

Plus, our polarised sunglasses include an additional microfilter to reduce glare, making your eyes feel more relaxed and tackling everyday eye strain.

Ultra-Flexible Frames for All-Day Comfort.

We create eyewear that enhances your everyday, on rest days and race days. Our men’s sunglasses feature:

  • Ultra-lightweight frames - Memory polymer frames are lightweight and flexible for ultimate durability.

  • Screwless hinges - Our Pop-Lock™ screwless hinges offer maximum security. Flexing without snapping, and staying light on your face all day.

  • Infinite™ Recycled frames - Our 100% recycled frame options offer a 7x lower carbon impact.

  • Replaceable parts - Interchangeable lenses mean you can select replacement lenses and sunglasses parts to mix up your look.

The Best Sunglasses for Men.

Our sunglasses for men offer premium visual clarity in every condition.

  • Renegades™ - A cutting-edge design with market-leading lenses and ultra-durable frames. Their robust, rectangular shape makes them the ideal everyday men's sunglasses. 

  • Tokas™ - Inspired by the city, built for everywhere. A stylish, urban-feel sunglasses model, that doesn't compromise on performance; the Tokas™ feature flexible frames and high-performance lenses. 

  • Classics³ - A classic, reimagined. The 3rd iteration of our original Classics™ design features matte-finish frames and polarised lens options. A timeless lens shape creates the perfect design for every occasion. 

  • Tempests™ - Move seamlessly from rest to play with the Tempests™. This strong, versatile frame design takes you from your rest days to your race days. Inspired by the Renegades™, but with additional performance features for sport. 

All our sunglasses for men are backed by our unrivalled Lifetime Guarantee as standard.

See Better with SunGod.

As a Certified B Corp, we're committed to creating eyewear that lasts; because keeping your gear in play is better than throwing it away. If your SunGods break (or you break them), we'll repair them free of charge with our Lifetime Guarantee.