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Payment & Shipping

9 answers

  • What payment methods does SunGod accept?
  • Where does SunGod ship?
  • How much does shipping cost?
  • When exactly will I receive my order?
  • Can I cancel or change an order after I've placed it?
  • What delivery method do you use for shipping orders?
  • Will I be charged import duty on my SunGod order?
  • What is your Returns Policy?
  • What is your Referral Scheme?

Lifetime Guarantee

8 answers

  • What is the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee?
  • Are there any exclusions on the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee?
  • Does the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee cover lens scratches?
  • How do I claim on the SunGod Lifetime Guarantee?
  • I've sent my SunGods back for repair, have you received them?
  • Are the SunGod Classics² still covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?
  • Are the SunGod PaceBreakers™ still covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?
  • Are the SunGod Revolts™ still covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?


19 answers

  • Where can I find more information about each SunGod product?
  • What are the measurements of each SunGod product?
  • Do you offer prescription lenses?
  • Do you sell women's products?
  • What safety standards do SunGod products comply with?
  • Is there somewhere I can try on SunGod products?
  • Can I buy replacement lenses for my SunGods?
  • Can I purchase just a sunglasses frame?
  • What is a polarised lens and what are the benefits?
  • What is VLT (Visible Light Transmission)?