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Hayden Wilde in his Signature Series Ultras™

21 May 2024

Behind The Design: Hayden Wilde's Signature Series Ultras™

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As an Olympic Bronze and Commonwealth Silver Medalist, Hayden Wilde is one of the fiercest triathletes on the scene. Collaborating with Hayden to create his unique pair of Signature Series Ultras™, we’ve crafted a design that encapsulates his passion for racing, alongside the rugged spirit of his Kiwi upbringing.

As Hayden prepares to go for glory again this summer, we caught up with him to dissect the process of designing his Ultras™ with SunGod.


1. The Design Process

2. The Inspiration

3. The Meaning

4. What's next for Hayden?

1. The Design Process

What did you enjoy the most about the process of designing your Ultras™?

Hayden: “I liked that it was quite a challenging process, to both be authentic and to create something fresh. SunGod has so many different varieties and options with their customisation, and I wanted to create something that felt genuinely unique."

"I wanted my Ultras to be primarily about New Zealand, and to focus on the Kiwi culture I grew up around. Getting the local iwi [Māori word for 'people' or 'nation'] involved to help me with the designs was a really enjoyable process - I’m grateful to them for permitting me to use the symbolic Jade in my Frame.”

2. The Inspiration

What does the symbol of the Jade necklace mean to you, and where did that inspiration come from?

“For me, being from New Zealand, Jade necklaces are very important. I got my first Jade necklace, or Pounamu, from my uncle, who gave it to me as a gift. He wore it around his neck before I received it, as the tradition is to never give a piece of Pounamu cold. I went to New Zealand’s West Coast, which is the only place you can get authentic Pounamu in the country, to learn about the process of making the Jade, as well as the symbolic good fortune that comes from receiving a piece as a gift."

"The Green Ultras™ Frame paired with the 8KO® Gold Lens matches the rich texture and vivid reflections of the Jade really nicely. It’s a design that looks good day-to-day, and on race day, while honouring the rich Māori heritage of Aotearoa (New Zealand) at the same time."

3. The Meaning

What does it mean to you for this design to come to life, and for your audience to wear it?

“As a pair of SunGods that I’ve had a hand in designing myself, I think it’s super cool that the people following me have the opportunity to wear my own creation! Being able to see people racing in my collaboration with SunGod really brings this opportunity to life."

"I’m really grateful to be able to show my authentic passion for my Kiwi culture, as well as my taste in design. Representing my local community through my SunGods has been a really powerful experience, and they look super cool too!”

4. What's Next?

And finally... what can we expect to see from Hayden in 2024?

“2024 is a huge year for me. As the Olympic Games in Paris are coming up soon, I’m looking forward to striving for the win. With this race only coming around every 4 years, it’s a huge opportunity - it’s really exciting to do a lot of things you don’t normally do, and building a new strategy is always a great process. The middle of the year can be nerve-wracking, but mostly exciting."

"I’m also racing in New Zealand this year - I’m heading back home for the 70.3, so there are a lot of fun events ahead. Of course, I’m also looking forward to seeing my Ultras out and about at triathlon events - that's going to be an insane feeling."

Hayden’s Signature Series Ultras™ are a true homage to his homeland. We at Team SunGod hope his new Jade-inspired sunglasses grant all the best fortune for the rest of his 2024! You can stay up to date with Hayden’s journey by following @hayden_wilde.

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