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Best Prescription Sunglasses for Sports

14 March 2024

The Best Prescription Sunglasses for Sport

Our Guide to Prescription Sunglasses for Sport

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The best prescription sunglasses help you see clearly, so whether you’re long or short-sighted, you don't miss out on playing or watching your favourite sports. From cycling, to running, to golfing, prescription sunglasses give all the benefits of regular sunglasses - protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, reducing glare through polarization, and making colors appear bolder - with the added benefit of corrective lenses to help you see better.

Explore our guide to the best prescription sunglasses, and discover your next pair today.

Table of Contents:

Which Prescription Sunglasses are Right for Me?  

The best prescription sunglasses are adaptable for every sport you turn your hand to. Whether you’re trail running, fishing, or cycling, sunglasses will enhance your experience every time - but for those of us who need corrective lenses, we're often stuck with little choice.

Our prescription sunglasses are the solution. Perfectly suited for sports and performance, they offer the same durability, clarity and fit as our regular sunglasses, but with prescription lenses to enhance your view. All our lifestyle sunglasses are now available with prescription.

Whether you're an amateur or a pro athlete, clear vision is absolutely essential to enjoying your sport. Our sunglasses enhance your visual clarity before you’ve even added your prescription. Here’s why our lenses are market-leading, chosen by some of the world's best athletes:

  • Market-leading 8KOⓇ lens technology - The best prescription sunglasses use 8KOⓇ nylon lens technology which is lighter, clearer and tougher than industry-standard polycarbonate.

  • 100% UV protection - Playing sport outdoors without UV protection can cause serious harm, with harsh UVA and UVB radiation causing long-lasting damage to your eyes. The best prescription sunglasses (ours included!) offer 100% UV protection.

  • Durability - Our sunglasses frames are made with ultra-durable memory polymer materials, which flex without snapping, and our lenses feature triple-layer scratch resistance, for protection from knocks or accidents. And rest assured, all our sunglasses are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, meaning if you break them, we'll repair them free of charge.

  • Safe for driving - The best prescription sunglasses are truly versatile; they can be worn for every activity. All our sunglasses lenses are category 3 or lower, meaning as well as being perfect for sports, they're legal for driving. You can also add polarization - this helps to reduce glare from flat surfaces like roads, while offering improved contrast perception. 

How to Pick the Best Prescription Sunglasses for Any Sport

Our lenses are worn by some of the world's best athletes, from 7x Tour de France winners INEOS Grenadiers to McLaren F1 Team. Read on to discover which of our sunglasses are best for each sport:

Best Prescription Sunglasses for Baseball

For baseball, durability is key, and all SunGod lenses are certified impact-resistant. Our bestselling prescription baseball sunglasses are:

  • Renegades™ - our all-round bestselling pair of sunglasses, featuring a rectangular lens shape best for larger faces.

  • Tempests™ - loosely styled on the Renegaades™, but with added Grip-Lock™ rubber contact points which increase their grip the more you sweat.

Best Prescription Sunglasses for Running

There's nothing worse than your sunglasses fogging up or slipping on your face when you're out on a run. Luckily, all our prescription and non-prescription sunglasses feature anti-fog technology, and a matte frame finish for enhanced hold on your face.

  • Sierras™ - a classic style with a contemporary twist, these sunglasses are a high-performing running accessory, but also fit right in at the bar or the beach.

  • Tempests™ - these sunglasses perform well wherever you run - whether that's on the baseball pitch or on the trail. Grip-Lock™ rubber contact points keep the Tempests™ secure on your face, no matter how fast your pace.

Best Prescription Sunglasses for Fishing

For fishing, polarization is everything. Polarized lenses cut out glare from the water's surface, allowing you to see through and get a better view of the fish underneath.

  • Classics³ - once a classic, always a classic. This timeless sunglasses design is available with polarized prescription lenses to make sure you land your catch, every time.

  • Tokas™ - the newest addition to our collection, the Tokas™ are a lightweight, slim-framed model, best for medium to large faces. An urban-inspired design, these sunglasses look at home from the riverbank to the streets.

Best Prescription Sunglasses for Ski & Snowboard

For winter sports, we recommend against polarization. This is because skiers and snowboarders need to be able to see any small variation in the snow's surface; while polarization cuts out glare, it can also make it harder to see these variations on a bright surface like snow.

  • Tempests™ - built for both: these sunglasses feature additional performance elements, such as Grip-Lock™ rubber contact points for maximum hold, in a casual everyday look.

  • Zephyrs™ - these lightweight sunglasses have all the performance features you'd expect from SunGods, but in an angular, fashion-focused design that makes you stand out from the crowd slopeside.

Buying Prescription Sunglasses in 4 Simple Steps

Choosing the best prescription sunglasses is straightforward with SunGod. We’re able to offer the same design, experience and quality we've built our reputation on, but with your prescription added.

Before you make your order, you’ll need a copy of your prescription, dated within the last 2 years. If you're not sure about your prescription, you can get this from your local optician.

To order your prescription sunglasses online, follow these 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Design your sunglasses - Choose your model and color combination

Step 2: Choose prescription lenses - Select your choice of prescription lens technology from the four options available

Step 3: Upload your prescription - Immediately after you check out, or via a link in your email confirmation

Step 4: Receive your sunglasses - Your prescription sunglasses will be delivered within three weeks of us receiving your prescription

We offer prescription sunglasses ranking from -8.000 to +6.00, available as polarized sunglasses or non-polarized sunglasses.

How to Customize Your Prescription Sunglasses

Your prescription sunglasses style can be customized, at no extra cost. Choose your own frame color, lens color, icon color and frame type from thousands of combinations. You can design the best prescription sunglasses to suit your style, at no extra cost:

  • Just click ‘Custom’ while browsing our sports sunglasses.

  • Whether you choose the color of your favourite sports teams, or match your prescription sunglasses to your gear, enjoy creating a pair of sunglasses as unique as you are.

  • You can even browse our limited edition sunglasses for more inspiration, or to support your favourite athletes and teams - from McLaren F1, to the San Diego Padres. 

  • No matter your design choices, the best prescription sunglasses are the ones that make you feel good while wearing them.

See Better with SunGod

At SunGod, our mission is to See Better, and our prescription sunglasses are the perfect example of that. Our sunglasses are tested by real-world athletes and designed to enhance your visual clarity whilst aligning with our mission to See Better: through our lenses, through our sustainability actions, and through doing business better. From ski goggles to trail running sunglasses, our products come with a Lifetime Guarantee - because we’d rather repair them than replace them, keeping your old sunglasses in circulation and out of landfill.

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