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SunGod Ullrs™ goggles

23 January 2024

Behind the Design: In Conversation with SunGod's Head of Product

Learn how the Ullrs™ Goggles Came to Life

Product Guides

To mark the launch of our latest ski goggles, the Ullrs™, we're stepping into the SunGod design studio. Last week, we sat down with SunGod's Head of Product, Ed, to get to know the newest addition to our Snow Series™ a little bit better.

From design principles to 3D printing, enhancements to on-snow testing, read on to discover what goes into creating a new pair of ski goggles at SunGod.


An Interview with the Designer

Ed has been the brain behind our award-winning sunglasses and goggles designs for years. After picking up multiple design awards last year - including the prestigious Red Dot and iF awards - for the Ultras™ running sunglasses , expectations were high for the Ullrs™, as our first all-new goggles design in almost 5 years.

So, who better to introduce the Ullrs™ than the man behind the design?

The Founding Principles

"Before starting out with any new design, it's important to figure out what we're trying to achieve. We're not just designing new products for the sake of it; every pair of sunglasses or goggles we create has to be our best design yet."


"Timelessness is one of our key design principles at SunGod, and for the Ullrs™, we decided to really bring that concept to the forefront. That means before we even started conceptualising the design, we were looking at what was going on on the mountain, clocking which trends have come and gone quickly, and which have stuck around for the long run."


"We also wanted to create a pair of ski goggles that were universal, resonating with all ages and genders; a design that would fit in 20 years ago, today, and in 20 years' time. From that, we developed a full-frame design that feels at home in any era, on any rider."

The Design Process

"We took an initial goggle mould as our foundation, then stripped it right back to nail the basics: essentially, the fit and feel of the goggle. From there, we built the design back up again feature by feature until we had an overall product that we felt was our best yet. We used 3D printing to develop our frame prototype, then tested it on snow to make sure the performance was just right. Once we were 100% satisfied, we carried out the tooling process and headed into production."

The Enhancements

"Every time we design a new product at SunGod, we're aiming to make it better than the last. For the Ullrs™ , the main focus areas were ventilation, fit and durability."

Improved Ventilation

"Our existing ski goggles, the Snipers™ and Vanguards™, feature foam vents to boost airflow and reduce fogging. These perform well, but we thought we could level it up a notch. We took (virtual!) pen to paper and experimented with a range of different vent designs to boost airflow, settling on a triangular vent system to boost airflow and ensure goggles stay fog-free, even when you're working hard. We put a huge amount of work into designing anti-fog goggles, and this is our biggest step yet."

Enhanced Durability

"Even though all SunGod ski goggles are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, it's still essential that we design products that are built to last. After all, "built to last" is one of our founding design principles at SunGod."

"By replacing foam vents with solid vents, we've not only enhanced the ventilation and lowered the risk of fogging, but also boosted the durability of the overall goggle shape. Foam is often the first part of a pair of ski goggles to degrade, particularly when they're not looked after properly or dried after each use. By switching to solid vents, we've removed that point of weakness, meaning the Ullrs™  should last even longer than our other goggle products."

"This is paired with a simplified lens clip system and lens structure, and a full-frame design, which combine to create a significantly tougher overall pair of ski goggles."

A Universal Fit

"Before the arrival of the Ullrs™, our ski goggles collection was made up of the Snipers™, which are a small-medium fit, and the medium-large Vanguards™. With this in mind, we wanted to add a truly universal goggle to our collection - one that would work for any face shape."

"I really believe we've achieved this with the Ullrs™. Although the actual dimensions are pretty similar to the Vanguards™, the proportions are different, with the lens sitting nearer the face. This means they feel much more compact, offering a snug fit which works with both larger and smaller faces."

Want to learn more about which goggles are right for you? Check out our Snow Goggles Size Guide for tips to help you choose.

And finally: Ed's favourite thing about the Ullrs™

"It's got to be their timelessness. Unlike a lot of goggles you see on the mountain at the moment, these don't feel like a fashion statement. In a way, they're more similar to what we wore as kids - but they'll still work just as well in 20 years' time. I guess you could say they feel more "vanilla", but in a really good way. They're timeless, they're classic."

See Better with the SunGod Snow Series™

All SunGod ski goggles and snowboard goggles - including the Ullrs™ - are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. That means means if they break - or you break them - we'll repair your snow goggles free of charge. Plus, they're all certified carbon neutral, helping us keep our mountains protected for the next generation.

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