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15 February 2022



We’re proud to be partnering with Germany’s most successful UCI Continental team...

In their own words, “BIKE AID is a German professional cycling team, based on a cycling community with the aim to develop African cycling and athletes.” As one of the top UCI continental teams worldwide, BIKE AID is Germany’s most successful UCI Continental team.

But their results are not the only thing setting them apart from other teams. BIKE AID is on a mission to promote equality and better representation in the cycling industry by creating a platform for African cyclists to compete on the world stage. The team’s commitment to build a better and more balanced future for the cycling industry is exactly why we formed this partnership.

"We’re happy to have a partner like SunGod on our team. Like us, they’re young, fresh and innovative and above all they represent social values, which is very important to us. In addition, their products are of the highest quality, providing our riders with the best possible support in races.” Timo Schäfer, team manager.

See Better: How BIKE AID is driving positive change

A UCI team built off the back of a rapidly growing cycling community, BIKE AID are doing something entirely unique - combining success and performance at the highest level of professional cycling with a social commitment. Since it was founded in 2005, the BIKE AID community has more than 1,200 members and has raised over €850,000 for social projects in the team's region and also in Africa.

For BIKE AID, creating a platform to nurture talent in African countries is a long game that begins by improving education. In 2020 during the Tour of Rwanda, the team used funds raised by their community to open the BIKE AID school just outside the capital city of Kigali. Alongside this, BIKE AID is working hard to break down barriers and create opportunities for up and coming African riders. Firstly by adding funding and most critically, urging the UCI to accommodate the arduous visa application process that exists for riders wishing to compete internationally.

What to expect for the 2022 season

The work and energy going into this unique talent pathway is certainly yielding results for the team who are looking strong going into the 2022 season. One of the African continent’s greatest cycling talents, Eritrean rider Henok Mulubrhan, is the most recent signing to the team. By signing Mulubrhan along with five other newcomers, BIKE AID have added breadth and depth to their roster this year, lining them up for another season of winning podiums across Europe and beyond. The team is looking to add to the multiple European stage wins of 2021 and to come out on top once again at the Tour of Thailand.

“Outside the World Tour there was only one team I wanted to join and that was BIKE AID. They were very committed to me and have been doing great work with African riders for years. I'm sure I'll have a great time with them.” Henok Mulubrhan, Team rider

A team that’s disrupting the industry for the better, BIKE AID are placing performance and integrity on an equal footing - and we’re here for it. We’re proud to support BIKE AID as they continue in their mission to achieve top results while simultaneously working to achieve better representation within cycling. We’re excited to see what they bring for 2022!

2022 BIKE AID riders: • Adne van Engelen • Dawit Yemane • Enzo Decker • Halil Ibrahim Dogan • Henok Mulubrhan • Jasper Levi Pahlke • Jesse de Rooij • Jesse Ewart • Julian Lino • Léo Bouvier • Lucas Carstensen • Matthias Schnapka • Nikodemus Holler • Salim Kipkemboi • Sebastian Niehues • Wesley Mol •