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Awaken film still

20 October 2020

AWAKEN: Our New Film


Three adventures, one simple message.

Introducing AWAKEN, our new film.

AWAKEN is the story of three groups of SunGod Ambassadors, each dedicated to the pursuit of adventure, each loyal to their home playground. Filmed in three iconic winter locations, the film follows these adventurers as they are faced with the growing impact of climate change, right in their backyard.

Contrasting the happiness we draw from the mountains with the harsh reality of an uncertain future, AWAKEN reminds us that the environmental message is simple; to adventure is to connect with the wild. It is this connection that empowers us to protect these fragile spaces and inspire others to follow.

Watch the official AWAKEN trailer:

Visit here to discover more about AWAKEN and where to watch the film on the big screen.

Full film online release: January 2021.