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25 January 2024

The Best Snowboard Goggles for Winter 2024

Our Top Goggles Picks for Winter 23/24

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The best snowboard goggles are an essential piece of kit to improve any snowboarder's riding this winter. Whether splitboarding in the backcountry, hitting the park, or carving the pistes, read our guide to the best snowboarding goggles for the top tips for choosing your pair, and discover our recommendations based on face size, weather conditions and experience level.

Table of contents:

How to Choose the Best Snowboard Goggles

Having a good pair of snowboarding goggles can make or break your day on the hill. A high-quality pair will enhance your vision, offering top-level clarity and all-day comfort, while a bad pair can be uncomfortable, fog up, and make you a danger on the slopes. But with so much choice out there, knowing what to pick can be overwhelming. Here’s what you should be looking for when you buy your next pair of snowboarding goggles:

  • Market-leading lenses - The best snowboard goggles feature premium lens materials. Our 8KOⓇ lenses are built with nylon technology for the best optical clarity, with a lens material that's as clear as the surface of the human eye. These include 100% UV protection as standard, keeping your eyes safe from the increased light reflection on the snow, which can cause eye damage and snow blindness.

  • Unbeatable durability - Our snowboarding goggles are built to last. With durable lenses, impact protection, scratch resistance, and a Lifetime Guarantee, you can trust your SunGod goggles to offer you clear vision all season long, year after year. 

  • Comfortable fit - Comfort is key when it comes to goggles. Our snowboard goggles feature triple-layer foam for snug fit, a Grip-Lock™ silicone-backed strap to keep your goggles in place, and a flexible TPU frame that forms to your face, offering all-day comfort when you're out on your board.

  • Enhanced vision - Your goggle lenses should provide a broad view of the slope ahead, offering optimum peripheral vision and anti-fog protection to keep you seeing clearly no matter the conditions. Opt for goggles with interchangeable lenses, so you can replace your goggle lenses with another tint, to optimise your experience based on the weather.

  • Free customisation - The best snowboarding goggles can be customised to match your look. SunGod Vanguards™ were voted Best Ski Goggles for Customisation by The Independent, thanks to their entirely customisable design, offering tens of thousands of combinations.

No matter your snowboarding style, ability level, or destination, you need the best snowboarding goggles for you. Opting for the best lenses, materials, and fit is essential to making your mark on the mountain. 

Best Fitting Snowboarding Goggles

The best-fitting snowboarding goggles are the ones that you forget you're wearing, as you tackle the steepest runs or hit the biggest kickers. With help from our goggles size guide, you can find the best snowboarding goggles for your face shape and size.

Best for Larger Heads

The Vanguards™ are designed for larger heads, built with an oversized lens for maximum peripheral vision. The flexible TPU frame means they fit even the biggest head sizes, offering an enhanced field of vision for total visibility on the mountain.

Product Image

Matte Black with Green

Sold out

Best for Medium Heads

The Ullrs™ are a truly universal fit, meaning they're perfect for medium heads, but also fit larger and smaller heads well. This is thanks to their innovative geometry, which gives a snug-feel fit for every face size. Hear from our product designer to learn how a unique design means the Ullrs™ goggles offer the perfect fit for any face.

Product Image

Matte White with Silver Blue

Sold out

Best for Smaller Heads

The Snipers™ are best for small to medium face sizes. These goggles offer a spherical lens, which mirrors the shape of the eye to market-leading clarity and optical precision, and on-lens vents for enhanced airflow and zero fog.

Product Image

Matte Grey with Purple

Best Snowboarding Goggles for Flat Light & Snowy Conditions

The best goggles for snowboarding in snowy conditions will offer a snug fit to keep the inside of your goggles clear of snow and moisture, and they'll also provide interchangeable lenses for when the weather decides to break. When the light is lower, it’s overcast, and the snow is causing visibility issues, you’ll want to opt for a higher goggle VLT, which allows more light through the lens to improve vision (while still offering 100% UV protection). Learn more about what VLT means and why it's important for your snowboarding goggles.

All SunGod snowboarding goggles are available with low-light lenses, which are specifically designed to boost your experience in poor weather. These lenses are the Hi-Vis Blue and Hi-Vis Pink, which have VLTs of 38%. The higher the VLT, the more light is allowed through the lens, which means lenses with high VLTs are best suited to cloudy, flat light conditions

Best Snowboarding Goggles for Bright & Sunny Days

In bright light, the VLT you require from your goggle lens will change. When the sun is shining, you’ll need more contrast to help enhance what you can see, and this means a lower VLT, as more light is filtered out by your lenses. We recommend choosing Fire & Chrome lenses as the best snowboarding goggles for the sunnier days. 

These lenses have VLTs of 11% and 9% respectively, making them the darkest lenses in our collection.

GB Olympic Bronze Medallist Snowboarder Billy Morgan chooses the Chrome lens, helping him nail his tricks on bluebird days in the park.

Best Allrounder Snowboarding Goggles

If you want one pair of snowboarding goggles that'll perform well in all conditions, you'll want to choose a lens with a mid-range VLT. This kind of lens will provide a balance between contrast-boosting low-light lenses, and dark lenses for bright sunshine.

Our mid-range VLTs sit between 17% and 23%, letting through just the right amount of light to optimise your vision in both bright and overcast conditions. These lenses are the Green (21%), Purple (23%), Pink (23%) and Smoke (17%).

Best for Beginners

If you’re a beginner snowboarder, you’ll need the very best snowboarding goggles to keep you warm and dry, and protected from the mountain's powerful UV - even if you're spending your time on the beginner slopes. No matter your snowboarding level, the best goggles will improve your experience and help you level up your snowboarding experience faster.

Although all SunGod snowboarding goggles will suit beginners well, we recommend the Ullrs™ over our other models as they offer enhanced durability, through their full-frame design. These are designed with maximum durability in mind - and rest assured that if you do manage to break your goggles as a snowboarding beginner, they're covered under our Lifetime Guarantee.

The Best Snowboarding Sunglasses

Snowboarding goggles are best for enhancing your vision, protection, and comfort when you're riding. Whilst winter sunglasses won’t offer as much wind protection or warmth as a pair of goggles, they're a great alternative for spring conditions, when the sun's shining and the temperature rises. Kicking back slopeside after a long day on the hill, snowboarding sunglasses are the perfect companion. 

See a Better World with SunGod

At SunGod, we’re passionate about helping the world see better. We’re a Certified B Corp™, committed to our sustainability mission and helping to protect the planet so we can enjoy it forever. From our ski goggles to our sailing sunglasses, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee that means we’ll repair your SunGods even if you break them. Because keeping your gear in play is better than throwing it away.