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TRIBE: Run for Love

9 August 2017

TRIBE: Run for Love


This is the story of a running community taking on one of the most physically and mentally demanding endurance challenges to raise money and awareness for the betterment of fighting human trafficking.

On June 30th, the TRIBE community headed to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, Sarajevo to begin the world’s toughest Duathlon: 2,000km running and cycling across 9 countries in just 2 weeks to raise £250K to fight human trafficking.

The tribe set off with 70 runners from Sarajevo to take on 6 days of brutal ultra-distance running across Bosnian mountains and rugged terrain. With Zagreb in sight they powered on. It was a crippling week – heat exhaustion, battered joints, and a hell of a lot of pain! Running for 6-8 hours each day in blistering heat and blazing sunshine was certainly no mean feat! Each night niggles and wounds were tended to with incredible work from the team physio, who fixed up the crew for the next leg. The team pulled together, using each other’s energy to keep morale and motivation high, even at the most testing times!

With the running stage over, they set up camp in the Croatian foothills and slept under the stars. The crew bathed in the river and refuelled by the campfire. It was a magical evening.

Now it was time for the cycling stages. The crew jumped on their bikes and set off into the Alps, with 1,110 miles of cycling ahead. With just 8 days to reach London they faced seriously tough conditions – immensely challenging climbs through the Austrian Alps, torrential downpours that seemingly continued to mount stress on bruised and battered limbs. Despite this the vibes were strong throughout and the crew absolutely smashed it, making the ferry at Dunkirk with only seconds to spare. Back on UK soil and with just 60 more miles to go, the end was in sight.

Run For Love showcased incredible strength, perseverance and teamwork. It summed up everything TRIBE is about – a community coming together for an impossible challenge in the name of an important cause.

We are so proud of your community, stoked to support the team and excited to be a part of more adventures to come.