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4 Life Lessons from Lockdown

4 October 2020

4 Life Lessons from Lockdown


What has our quarantine time taught us about the way we adventure?

This summer, we’ve all had to adapt to lockdown rules, travel restrictions and social distancing. Despite the setbacks however, this quarantine period has presented unique opportunities to many of us. We take a look back on the lessons we have learned in a summer of lockdown and how they can inform the way we adventure in the future…

1. We’ve learned to find adventure closer to home

Thanks to global travel restrictions, we’ve all had to readjust our adventure expectations. These travel bans have paved the way for new and unexpected adventures closer to home. In discovering adventure on our doorsteps we have found new meaning in what we have previously overlooked and taken for granted. Maybe you were climbing Everest on your garden steps or exploring the local wilderness, this summer has been a challenge in ingenuity and imagination which many have relished. This transformation to our perception of adventure proves to us that it can be found in the most unlikely places – we don’t have to hop on a plane, or even leave our hometown to find a new adventure!

2. We’ve learned to take more time for ourselves

Without commute times, busy weekend plans and trips abroad, we’ve found ourselves with more ‘me’ time. Whether this has been about getting fitter, reading more or simply taking the time to self reflect and plan, our time in quarantine has presented the ideal opportunity to recalibrate. By being forced to take things at a slower pace, we’ll relish our our next adventures when they resume. Maybe we'll be more tempted to adventure alone with a new-found love for solitude, or perhaps we'll feel like planning more elaborate adventures surrounded by our favorite adventure partners.

3. We appreciate those we love now more than ever

With the time spent with loved ones limited for many this summer, we’ve learned to make the moments we can spend with them, all the more special. In an effort to close the physical distance which has opened between us, we’ve spent more time checking in with family, and looking out for our friends. The time spent apart from those we love has allowed us the opportunity to remember why we value them, and to ensure that our next adventures will be filled with the people we care about most!

4. We can collectively improve the health of the planet

Back in April, as the global pandemic grounded flights and reduced traffic on the roads, the world saw a 17% reduction in daily global carbon emissions. Fast-forward to now, as the world scrambles to make up for lost time, experts suggest that this momentary reprieve for the planet may have been short lived. However, it’s important to remember the significance of this change which shows us that it is possible to unite together to collectively benefit our planet. We have a duty of care to protect our adventure playground and perhaps it’s not as hard as we think!

With summer drawing to a close, the world waits with bated breath to find out the extent to which this pandemic will continue to influence our lives. In the meantime, it’s worthwhile remembering the positives as we embrace the coming months and plan our future adventures.

Cover Photo: @Jake Baggaley