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5 people nailing quarantine. Which one are you?

1 May 2020

5 people nailing quarantine. Which one are you?


The ultimate guide to surviving quarantine according to these 5 character types…

For many of us, the last few months have been an adventure of a different kind: one of self-discovery as we adapt to new routines and a new pace of life. As the SunGod community continues to inspire us, we celebrate the 5 most common quarantine character types and our athletes and ambassadors offer some advice to help keep you motivated...

1. The Motivated One

Your competition calendar is cancelled and a summer of uncertainty looms… Instead of abandoning all hope, you’ve adopted a pragmatic approach and you’re determined to be fitter than ever. Attacking your training with renewed vigour, your daily challenges consist of finding ‘just the right spot’ for the turbo trainer, designing elaborate home fitness routines and stressing over the emerging ‘if it didn’t go on Strava, did it even happen?’ dilemma...

Struggling to stay motivated? “My top tips if you’re struggling to stay motivated during this time are: Set yourself some new goals, follow a training plan and connect with others online.” SunGod Ambassador and Triathlete Josh Holman

2. The Creative one

For creative types, the prospect of sitting at home all day is actually one to relish. The internet has become our main source of entertainment thanks to an eclectic mix of ‘Quarantine Content’, and you’re determined to make your mark. To those with an active imagination, editing talent and hours of free time – the world is your oyster…

Looking for inspiration? Check out the below video by SunGod Ambassador Thomas Rich: “I had never done a stop motion project before, but I used this time to teach myself and I think it came out pretty good! There are hundreds of possibilities and now we have time to do anything - Let's get creative!”

3. The Relaxed One

For some, quarantine has presented the perfect opportunity to wind down and focus on some self-care. Your pace of life has slowed and now you’ve got time to read the books that have been gathering dust on the shelf, discover yoga and take long soaks in the bath. Finally, you’ve found some time to be more introspective so that when quarantine is lifted, you’ll feel like a new person!

Finding it hard to switch off? “If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try a yoga class to calm your thoughts, focus on learning a new language or even an instrument. Stay connected with your loved ones with regular phone calls too!” Margaux Hackett, SunGod Pro Freeskier.

4. The Taskmaster

With current adventure plans on hold, your determination to stay productive is palpable. Whether you’re tinkering with sports equipment, digging up the garden or turning your attention to long-forgotten DIY tasks – you refuse to be idle. Quarantine has been a great opportunity to finally get stuck into the jobs you've been putting off for months.

Out of ideas? If you’re up to date with your DIY why not build something new? Despite being stranded in the US, SunGod Pro Wakeboarder Carro Djupsjö has been flexing her new-found DIY muscles by building some new rails she can use for training…

5. The Backyard Adventurer

Accustomed to far flung expeditions in the worlds more extreme environments, being stuck at home does not come naturally to you. Consequently, this has become a different sort of adventure but an adventure nonetheless - a unique test of endurance against boredom. You’ve been climbing mountains on your stairs, running marathons in your garden and probably driving your long suffering loved ones to despair…

Want to get involved? SunGod Ambassador Rory Southworth has been encouraging others to go on virtual expeditions with him: “First, myself and 30 online friends climbed our home stairs to gain the elevation of the Everest base camp trek route. Next, I ran a 5-day virtual stair summits race with 25 people, each day racing as a virtual team to complete the height of UK peaks first. It’s kept things fun and interesting!”

Ultimately, you're probably finding that over the course of your adventures in quarantine, a mix of different characters is emerging. Lockdown has proven to be a period for many to slow down, reflect and learn some valuable lessons. Staying positive remains top of the task list for us all, and reminding ourselves that our best adventures are yet to come!

Cover photo credit: @two26_photography