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Courtney Dauwalter WIN
Courtney Dauwalter wins 2023 UTMB

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Our trail running sunglasses are designed to optimise your focus when you're taking on the trails. Featuring market-leading optical clarity, 100% UV protection and an award-winning zero-bounce frame design, all backed by our unrivalled Lifetime Guarantee. Worn by the world's best trail runners, including 2x UTMB champion Courtney Dauwalter and 2023 Western States winner Tom Evans.

Wherever your trail running takes you, Run Better with SunGod.

Trail running in SunGod Ultras
Tom Evans trail running in Chamonix

Award-Winning Trail Running Sunglasses.

Winner of both the Red Dot and iF 2023 Design Awards, the Ultras™ are our running-specific sunglasses. The frameless construction, combined with industry-leading 8KO® nylon lens technology with 100% UV protection, offers zero-bounce performance and an uninterrupted view of the trail ahead.

The super-lightweight sunglasses design weighs in at 28g, and an all-new arm shape gives trail runners the stability and bounce-free comfort to tackle any terrain. The Ultras™ are also available with in our Infinite™ frame material, which features the same ultra-durable characteristics as our virgin frames, but sourced and manufactured from 100% recycled material.

SunGod Ultras™ offer a superior fit for comfort and confidence on every run. Ear Socks and Nose Pads are made from a Grip-Lock™ hydrophilic rubber material, and a choice of 4 Nose Pads comes as standard to ensure each runner finds their perfect fit. This intelligent material at the three key contact points means the more the runner sweats, the more the Ultras™ hold in place.

Each technical detail combines to create a pair of sunglasses that empowers the athlete to Run Better, every time. And as always, every pair of SunGod sunglasses is backed by our unrivalled lifetime guarantee.

Sunglasses Worn by the World's Best Trail Runners.

Courtney training in SunGod Classics sunglasses

Courtney Dauwalter

Based out of Colorado, Courtney is the unquestionable queen of the trails. Armed with her famously casual approach, Courtney is the World No.1 Ultrarunner, with the majority of world's most presitigious titles under her belt, including a UTMB course record.

Tom Evans

The UK's leading ultrarunner Tom Evans is at the the peak of his sport. After becoming 2023 Western States Men's Champion, Tom is leading the pack, with a fierce reputation for precision, detail and performance on the trail.

Courtney Dauwalter Wins Western States Run SunGod
Courtney Dauwalter Wins Western States Run SunGod

Optimised Visibility with Market-Leading Lenses.

All our trail running sunglasses offer 8KO® lens technology for maximum optical precision on the trail. This market-leading lens material is lighter, clearer and tougher than industry-standard polycarbonate, and is the eyewear technology of choice for the world's best trail runners.

Manufactured from 2mm nylon, 8KOⓇ lenses also feature 100% UVA and UVB protection, a triple-layer scratch-resistant coating, and anti-glare technology, which combine to enhance your performance on the trail.

Also, the SunGod Ultras™ running sunglasses feature two photochromic lenses - the 8KO Iris™ HV Blue and 8KO Iris™ Smoke - which feature transition technology, meaning they darken or lighten in response to UV. These lenses are designed for trail running at dawn or dusk, or runs through varied shade and sun, as they respond to your surroundings. That means you can focus on what matters - your next stride - without needing to worry about changing your sunglasses lens.

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Tom Evans trail running in Chamonix
Tom Evans trail running in Chamonix

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By joining the SunGod Strava Club, you can come together with our Ambassadors and Athletes, participate in SunGod events, win exclusive prizes and celebrate your successes, on the trail and beyond.

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ultras trail running sunglassses
ultras trail running sunglassses

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