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5 Awe Inspiring Places in Cornwall

14 May 2019

SunGod Best of British: 4 incredible wilderness spots on our doorstep


All hail the Sun-God – spring is upon us! With the help of some UK-based Ambassadors, we name our top British adventure spots.

Adventuring closer to home this summer? We celebrate 4 stunning wilderness spots which can be found in our British back garden...

1. Stac Pollaidh - Scotland

Recommended by Sophia Pavelle (@sophiepavs) - Adventure writer, zoologist and speaker, Sophia Pavelle is on a mission to explore every inch of the British Isles. She was blown away by Scotland when she visited last year…

Sophia Says: “If I had to pick one Scottish adventure then it has to be the circular hike up to Stac Pollaidh, just north of Ullapool. This revealed the most breath-taking views I think I have ever seen and that’s comparing it to Canada and the Alps! It’s not a long hike and we had the whole ridge to ourselves. Being on the summit of the ridge, with 360 views of lochs, peaks, the sea and endless wilderness… It honestly felt like we were on another planet!”

2. The Lake District

Recommended by Aleks Kashefi (@aleks_kashefi) - After running solo across Europe, Aleks Kashefi decided to base himself permanently in the Lake District…

Aleks Says: "There is so much to get done in the Lake District! To maximize your time, plan a multi sport mini adventure, like running, swimming and scrambling your way between fell tops and tarns. This is something that really gives a sense of adventure, even on a short route. When I ran from the Arctic Circle to the southern tip of Spain, the one thing that struck me was how similar the exotic landscape that I was running through was to the landscape of the Lakes, the grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side of the ocean!"

3. Mount Snowdon - Wales

Recommended by Antony Vrahmis (@antony_za) - South African born travel addict Anthony lives permanently in the UK and Wales is home to his favorite mountain in the UK…

Antony Says: "Wales is heart-breakingly beautiful and if you do nothing else, you must climb Mount Snowdon. I generally try and get to the summit before the sun rises so I can watch it from the top. Crib Goch is quite a challenging route to reach the summit, basically a knife edge but for the adventure enthusiast you will feel right at home. I wouldn't recommend it in high winds or if you aren't confident in your abilities because turning back is almost worse than marching on towards the summit! I often swim in the waters just below the summit - It is freezing but is probably the most refreshing swim you will ever have!"

4. Porthcurno, Cornwall

Recommended by the SunGod team (@we_are_sungod) - If you are more of a beach dweller then worry not, the UK has you covered…

Porthcurno beach in Cornwall is magical, with its bright white beaches and turquoise oceans it is nigh on impossible to believe that it is nestled on the southerly tip of Britain. Amble along the cliff paths, check out the historic Minack Theatre or grab your surfboard and check out the swell - There truly is everything for any type of adventurer here. Check out our guide for the best spots to visit in Cornwall here.

No matter where you are this summer, there are always adventures to be had and they may be closer than you might think...