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1 June 2023

The SunGod Guide To Summer Sunglasses

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Our summer sunglasses offer something for everyone. With a wide range of designs and colors, you can personalize your pair to suit you all year long. Our guide to the very best summer sunglasses walks you through the SunGod Lifestyle Series™ sunglasses collection, helping you choose the right pair for your summer.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Best SunGod Sunglasses for Summer

  2. Key features for Summer Sunglasses

  3. Find your fit:

    1. Sierras™

    2. Renegades™

    3. Classics³

    4. Zephyrs™

    5. Tokas™

    6. Tempests™

  4. Our Mission: See Better with SunGod

1. The Best Sunglasses for Summer

Our sunglasses are designed to bring you the very best protection for those long summer days. High-quality sunglasses are key to protecting your eyes from ultraviolet radiation, which can cause long-lasting damage to your cornea and retina. SunGod sunglasses filter out 100% of UVA and UVB radiation, offering complete protection every day.

But UV protection is just part of the story. Scroll to discover our key features, which have been carefully developed and refined to offer industry-leading fit, protection, style and comfort in your summer eyewear:

2. Key Features for Summer Sunglasses

Nylon Lenses

Our sunglasses feature market-leading polarized lens technology to enhance optical clarity. The polarization helps to reduce glare for optimal vision no matter your summer plans. Our sunglasses for summer offer Standard lenses and 8KOⓇ lenses which are clearer, stronger and lighter than industry-standard polycarbonate. Built from 2mm nylon, they offer 100% UV protection, enhanced clarity and impact resistance, perfect for long days spent exploring in the summer sun.

Durable Frames

The frames on your summer sunglasses need to be ultra-flexible, for all-day comfort and durability. Our designs feature Adventureproof® memory polymer frames which flex without snapping, meaning your SunGod cycling sunglasses or running sunglasses can withstand the toughest conditions. As some of the most durable sunglasses on the market, all SunGod products also feature Pop-Lock™ screwless hinges for maximum security. 

Lifetime Guaranteed

At SunGod, we believe in our eyewear so much that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee. But what does that really mean? Whether you use your SunGods as everyday sunglasses, mountain biking sunglasses, or watersports sunglasses, your sunglasses are designed to keep up with you. And if you do manage to break them, we’ll repair them free of charge - no questions asked.

Better For the Planet

As part of our ongoing effort to build a more sustainable future for SunGod, every product across our entire collection is carbon neutral. What’s more, we've leveled up the collection with a wider range of Infinite™ 100% recycled frames - which have a 7x lower carbon footprint than virgin plastic frames. 

So, whichever summer sunglasses you choose, you can relax safe in the knowledge that they’ll perform above and beyond your expectations while also being better for the planet.

But, with a growing range of summer sunglasses, and thousands of different design combinations to choose from, how do you know which pair of SunGods is right for you? 

3. Find Your Fit: Summer Sunglasses from SunGod

Our sunglasses offer something for everyone this summer. From the angular Zephyrs to the timeless Classics³, the bestselling Renegades to the ever-popular Sierras, the Lifestyle Series™ has something for everyone.


Created in 2018, the Sierras™ are an iconic design with a contemporary twist. Rounded lenses give a modern feel to a classic frame shape, that looks at home on the beach but also performs on your morning trail run. The ever-popular Rose lenses are exclusive to the Sierras™ and have planted them firmly in our top 5 best-selling designs.

  • Fit: The narrowest frame we offer, with slim arms and near-circular lenses. If you’ve got a smaller face, these are the sunglasses for you.

  • Best for: Your everyday pair. Beach-side relaxation, romantic city breaks, or a quick post-work 5k in the evening sun - the Sierras™ will bring the summer feel, wherever you take them.

  • What our community say: "The Sierras™ are my favourite because of how they protect my eyes, and how great the water looks through the polarized lenses. They also survive being chucked in my bag with all my gear and of course they look super cute on!" - Team SunGod Pro Wakeboarder, Carro Djupsö .


Our bestseller and your ultimate summer companion. Broad, rectangular lenses create a wider field of vision, offering wide-screen views wherever you look. Straight lines and square corners give the Renegades™ a confident, no-nonsense feel.

Fit: Our widest frame, offering all-day comfort for larger faces.

Best for: The Renegades™ are our bestseller for a reason; they’re an essential in any adventure kitbag.

What our community say: "What I love most about the Renegades™ is the almost straight and square shape, it’s such a classic style but it's my go-to. Also super rugged due to the shape which always helps in sunnies!" - Team SunGod athlete and World Number 1 Kitesurfer James Carew .


Where it all began. Our original, timeless sunglasses design, now on its third iteration. We’re constantly fine-tuning our products with innovative and improved new technology, and the Classics³ are living proof of that. A universal style, the Classics³ are designed for everyone, everyday.

Fit: Size-wise the Classics³ sit in the middle of our range, featuring a medium fit that works for almost every face shape.

Best for: A timeless classic. Subtle but universal, the Classics³ are your go-to - whether that’s trackside at the F1, or for a long day out on the trails.

What our customers say: "I got the Classics³ and they fit perfectly... The lenses are amazing and really keep the glare away." - Jennifer T, June 2022


The next generation of SunGods. An angular frame complements near-flat lenses to create a clean, bold design. Rooted in performance, these summer sunglasses will be your everyday companion this summer.

Fit:  Loosely based on the Sierras™, these are a narrow fit with a slimline frame, best for smaller faces.

Best for: Turning heads. The Zephyrs™ offer all the performance features we've built our reputation on, but in an angular, eye-catching design.

What our community say: "What's not to love? Superb quality and comfort." - Mark A, UK


Shaped for Style, built for Performance; a new era for your everyday sunglasses. Inspired by the city, built for everywhere; our latest design pairs a lightweight square frame with refined design details to create an enhanced fit and feel, day in day out. The sleek aesthetic blends best-in-class lens technology with fully recycled frames, for an unmatched experience.

Fit:  Styled off our bestselling Renegades™, the Tokas™ are an urban-feel, slimmed-down version. Versatile fit, for all face sizes.

Best for: City breaks, beach holidays, or training days; Tokas™ are built for the good times.

What our community say: "Excellent product. I now have a pair of Renegades™ and a pair of Tokas™. Love the 8KO® polarised lenses. Glasses have a great build quality. I would highly recommend them." - Mark A, UK


Move seamlessly from rest to play with the Tempests™. A strong, versatile frame design meets market-leading 8KO®. lenses to create the ultimate pair of performance lifestyle sunglasses. Finished with Grip-Lock™️ arms and nose pads for maximum hold, however you play.

Fit:  Inspired by the Renegades™, but with added performance features for sports. A larger fit, for medium to large face shapes.

Best for: Sports and rest days; our most versatile product yet.

What our community say: "Absolutely love the Tempests™... they're lightweight and fit great, don't slide or bounce whilst running, have next-level clarity, and look awesome!" - Julien, Australia

4. See Better with SunGod.

At SunGod we're committed to our mission to See Better, creating sunglasses and ski goggles that are better for you and better for the planet . We partner with like-minded brands and charities like Surfers Against Sewage, Protect Our Winters, and The Bike Project, and with our charities, athletes and customers, our mission is multiplied.

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