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Kate trail running in Cornwall, UK

20 June 2018

5 Awe Inspiring Places in Cornwall


Summer has arrived and while most people jet off to more tropical climes, we at SunGod have been setting our sights a little closer to our roots.

SunGod started life in the UK and as a result we have a soft spot for all things British - In honour of this, we decided to take a trip to Cornwall and what we found truly took our breath away! Feast your eyes on our top five Cornish delights and then book your trip immediately.

1. Porthcurno

Who said you had to head to Hawaii to find glittering turquoise seas and wave battered rugged coastline? Not us! Grab your surfboard and check out the swell at Porthcurno for yourself! The Minack theatre is also worth a trip, if nothing else for the breath-taking views of the bay.

2. Nanjizal Cove

We are reluctant to divulge the secret that is this particular Cornish gem but it’s simply too good not to share! Nanjizal Beach is a bit of trek to get to but once you have arrived you will wonder whether you have stumbled headfirst into a dream. The dramatic “Song of the Sea” cave, turquoise ocean and waterfalls cascading into the sea must be seen to be believed! Take a dip in the crystal clear water and bask in the tranquillity of one of Cornwall’s best kept secrets.

3. Sennen Cove

The embodiment of serenity, Sennen Cove is a small fishing town embedded into the rugged South West coast. Head to the Whitesands beach for a spot of surfing, before clambering up to the cliff tops to watch the sunset as the dolphins frolic in the waves.

4. Gwenver Beach

Sprawled just a stone's throw from Sennen Cove, is Gwenver beach. Gwenver beach, (also known as Gwynver), offers some of the best surfing conditions in Cornwall. The beach itself is a dedicated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and yet can only be accessed on foot by negotiating a steep cliff path. Consequently, the 150m long beach never becomes too crowded. Kick back with your crew, enjoy the surf and if you’re lucky you might even spot the Scilly Isles on the horizon on a clear day.

5. St Ives

Wind your way through the cobbled streets and drink in the charm of St Ives while picking up a trinket or two from one of the many independent shops. Once the souvenir shopping is complete, head up to the St Nicholas Chapel to breathe in the jaw dropping beauty of the views out across the Atlantic and surrounding coastline. Round off your Cornish adventure with a local delicacy, the Cornish Pasty - which you must guard from the notoriously low flying seagulls at all costs!

It is safe to say that Cornwall truly has it all - British charm, bright blue oceans and beautiful beaches. Whether you are looking to try a spot of surfing or get lost in the tranquil cliff top paths, Cornwall has you covered as the United Kingdom's very own slice of paradise!