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26 March 2024

How to Order Prescription Sunglasses Online

In 4 Simple Steps

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Ordering prescription sunglasses online is easy and straightforward, giving you enhanced clarity whenever the sun shines. See better in the sun, whilst benefiting from 100% UV protection, without having to remember your contacts or swap between your glasses and sunglasses. Our complete guide shows you how to buy prescription sunglasses online in 4 simple steps.

Table of Contents:

4 Steps to Buying SunGod Prescription Sunglasses Online

You can buy prescription sunglasses online in just 4 straight-forward steps. 

  1. Design your prescription sunglasses - Do this by choosing your favourite sunglasses model and colour combination here.

  2. Choose Your Lens - Choose from a choice of Standard or Thin lenses, with the option to upgrade to polarised sunglasses

  3. Upload your prescription - Either immediately after checkout, or later via a link in your email. 

  4. Receive your order - This will be delivered within three weeks of us receiving your prescription. 

What Prescription Information Do I Need?

When buying your prescription sunglasses online, you’ll need a few pieces of information to hand to ensure you get the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses for you. 

Most importantly, you'll need a clear copy of your prescription, which will include key info to help us create your prescription sunglasses. Once you've got your prescription to hand, you're all ready to find the best prescription sunglasses for you and your sport. Whether you’re looking for a new pair for relaxing on the beach, hiking the trails, or getting out for a run, prescription sunglasses can help you see better in every light condition.

When you order SunGod sunglasses with prescription online, please note there are a couple of requirements:

  • We are only able to accept official prescriptions that are dated within the last two years. This is because your eyes may have changed since your last eye test. If you don't have an in-date prescription, you can get one at your local optician.

  • We cannot currently offer varifocal lenses, and any prescription sunglasses made are built automatically using your distance prescription measurement.

  • We are currently unable to offer stand-alone Prescription Lens Kits (to add in to non-prescription sunglasses you already own). The only way to order prescription sunglasses online is to purchase a full product (frame and lenses) from our Prescription Sunglasses page.

How to Create Customised Prescription Sunglasses

When you purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses online, you want them to be unique to you are. With SunGod, you can personalise your eyewear with our multiple combinations. At no extra cost, you can select your frame colour, and lens colour from thousands of combinations. 

  • Just click ‘Custom’ while browsing our lifestyle sunglasses or sports sunglasses.

  • Whether you choose the colour of your favourite sports teams, or match your prescription sunglasses to your gear, you can take full control over your eyewear. 

  • Make your own design choices! The best prescription sunglasses are the ones that reflect your personality and enhance your vision, all while protecting your eyes from the sun.

At the moment, we're unable to offer prescription lenses on our Limited Edition sunglasses or for our Pace Series™ or Snow Series™ products.

Prescription Sunglasses FAQs 

If you need help buying prescription sunglasses online, use the FAQs below to find answer all your prescription queries.

How do I send in my prescription? 

Once your order is complete, you can upload your prescription immediately on-site, or you’ll be prompted to upload your prescription via a link in your post-purchase email.

How long will it take to get my order? 

You should receive your order within 3 weeks of us receiving your prescription.

Will my prescription sunglasses be suitable for driving? 

Yes! Our sunglasses are category 3, which means they're suitable for driving in the UK. 

Still have questions? Contact Us.

See Better with SunGod

At SunGod, our mission is to help the world See Better. From trail running sunglasses to road cycling sunglasses, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on every pair of sunglasses we create. This means, even if you break your eyewear, we’ll repair them for free! Because we believe that keeping your gear in play is better than throwing it away. We've repaired 8000 pairs and counting over the last 10 years.

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