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Team Tekkerz 2022

Tekkerz CC

Crit Racing

Road Cycling

Team SunGod

/tekə(r)z/ Noun

Riding with great skill or efficiency.

Founded by Alec Briggs, arguably the most influential name in the London cycling scene and one the greatest Crit racers of a generation, Tekkerz Cycling Charisma was always going to bring a little extra something to the table.

Tekkerz are based in South London, where Alec grew up riding at the infamous Herne Hill velodrome. The team is gender-mixed, and combines top talent with the best up and coming young riders to create one of the best teams in the UK from competitive part-elite part-development team that is dominant in the Crit racing scene all over Europe. They're changing the cycling game, armed their very own Tekkerz Limited Edition sunglasses - which are a unisex product within our men's cycling sunglasses and women's cycling sunglasses collections - to enhance their visibility as they ride.

Tekkerz CC Wear

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"There is such a ridiculous pool of talent waiting to be discovered out there, it's just often in the places you wouldn't normally think to look."

— Alec Briggs

See Better has been part of Alec's ethos since day one of racing bikes. A born and bred South-Londoner, one of Alec's main aims with Tekkerz CC is to provide a pathway into racing for a younger generation that wouldn't normally have an entrance into the sport. Alec, alongside the team's sponsors, funds coaching, equipment and travel to help bring down some of the more expensive barriers that can stand in the way of bike-racing.

Whilst the team boast a unique combination of part-elite and part-development riders, one thing is clear, there is no shortage of demand to rep the Tekkerz Dinosaur.

Tekkerz CC 2022 Riders:

Alec Briggs, Ali Sheehan, Amy Perryman, Benji Tuchner, Felix English, Honor Elliott, Jenny Holl, Jon Mould, Kai Robinson, Maddie Osborn, Neil Philips, Noah Hobbs

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