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Ted gravel

Ted King

Gravel Biking

Team SunGod

From Grand Tours to gravel, Ted is renowned across the world as the 'King Of Gravel'. And for good reason...

From the Tour de France to the Giro d'Italia, Ted King has cut his teeth in some of Europe’s biggest Grand Tours during his 10 year career as a professional cyclist. After stepping back from the pro circuit in 2015, Ted returned to his home in the USA barely taking a breath before being invited to race in ‘That Race’ gravel event in Kansas, and the rest, as he says, “is history”.

And by history, he is modestly breezing over the fact that over the past 7 years Ted has solidified himself at the helm of gravel racing in the USA as it has exploded in popularity. Gracing the podiums in the biggest events across the US such as Unbound, Belgian Waffle, SBTGRVL, Vermont Overland and the Last Best Ride to name but a few. Ted also has multiple FKTs under his belt for good measure.

“SunGod are only 10 years old, so they’re fresh and new and have an exciting presence. I’m all the more excited to make a splash with SunGod here in the USA…”

— Ted King

Such is the rapidly increasing popularity of the gravel scene in the USA and beyond, that professionals from around the world are falling over themselves to wrap up their careers and move into the discipline. In 2022, the allure of the dust and the dirt eventually captured the attention of the UCI with the introduction of the Gravel World Series. This was a huge milestone for the gravel cycling community, particularly Ted who played a big role in this recognition. “I am really excited that the UCI is recognising gravel as a discipline in it’s own right.” Ted said to us, “but I don’t want the spirit of gravel to be lost. Inclusivity and fun are the very essence of gravel and I want to make sure that this remains the case!”

"In 2023, I'm going big."

Ted’s excitement for cycling and gravel is contagious. It’s not hard to see what fuels his fire and keeps him motivated. But when you’ve won seemingly everything there is to win, what is next for the godfather of gravel?  “For the 2023 season, I have some staple events that are mainstays in my calendar, but then I’m going big with the Unbound XL or Tour Divide. Two events that will really keep me on my toes and excited about the year to come!”

Catch Ted at all the gravel classics across the USA in 2023.

Ted wears:

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Matte Black with 8KO® Silver Blue

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