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Chelsea on bike

Chelsea Sodaro


Team SunGod

Known for her tenacity and passion, both on and off the race course, Chelsea Sodaro is poised to leave an indelible mark in triathlon.

Spend just five minutes with Chelsea Sodaro, and you'll quickly realize you've encountered someone extraordinary. A fierce competitor and passionate advocate for women in sport, her laser focus and unwavering passion are unmistakable. Born and bred in California, Chelsea cultivated her competitive spirit during her formative years in high school, where she discovered her passion for running. This natural talent flourished as she ventured into the collegiate running arena at the University of California, Berkeley. During her time at Berkeley, she emerged as a formidable force, earning the prestigious title of Four-Time All-American, solidifying her status as a national contender. Though initially drawn to a professional career in running, fate intervened with injuries, prompting a shift in focus towards triathlon in 2017, where her determination translated into swift success.

No compromises.

After winning her first ITU World Cup race in 2018 Chelsea soon began turning heads in the world of triathlon. Strong ITU results followed a seamless transition into long-course racing where she has since amassed an impressive record, clinching victories in the majority of her 70.3 races and a 4th place at the 70.3 World Championships. But the victory that solidified Chelsea’s name in the zeitgeist of the triathlon world was her blinding win at the Ironman World Championships in 2022, which she won after returning to the sport after giving birth to her daughter Skylar 18 months prior.

“I believe that my best is still ahead of me.”

Balancing a career as a professional athlete and a mother, Chelsea admits it hasn’t been easy. But, it was the challenge of embracing motherhood alongside professional sport that kept the fire burning for Chelsea who has since become a strong advocate for motherhood in professional athletes. “I think we’re just tired of being told that we can’t do this, or that motherhood needs to be done a certain way,” she said in an interview with USA Triathlon after her 2022 win at Kona. “But it’s our time now, time for moms.”

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, Chelsea is excited to be chasing down another World Title after missing out in 2023 albeit to one of the strongest female fields long-distance triathlon has ever seen. “I believe my best is still ahead of me,” she told us, “and I’m excited to find out what that looks like this season! I’m unlocking new levels in training and there are so many amazing racing opportunities in 2024 where I can pour that out on the race course and find out what I’m made of.” 

“SunGod makes the best lenses I’ve ever worn and the frames feel like they were made for my face. I also love that SunGod is a certified B Corp and actively working with charities to ensure that we leave behind a healthy, beautiful planet for the next generation. I’m really proud to partner with a socially conscious company that’s committed to making a positive difference.”

— Chelsea Sodaro

And when we asked her what keeps her motivated, she simply said, “pushing my limits and showing my daughter what strong looks like.” All eyes will be on Chelsea in 2024 who will race a blend of PTO and Ironman races this season in preparation to reclaim the Ironman World Champion title in Nice later this year. The race is on! 

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