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3 March 2023

5 Ways You Can #GoBeyond This B Corp™ Month

Going Beyond to Make a Difference, for People and Planet


March is B Corp™ Month. To celebrate, this month the B Corp community is coming together to go beyond, through the #WeGoBeyond campaign. Because B Corp isn’t just a mark or a sticker; it's a global community of businesses going the extra mile to make a positive difference in the world.

The SunGod Community is jam-packed with athletes, teams, advocates and charities, who epitomise what it means to #GoBeyond. So, this March we caught up with a few faces from our community to ask them how each of us can Go Beyond and make an impact in our everyday lives, this B Corp Month. 

From flicking on the TV to choosing where to spend your hard-earned cash, read on to discover 5 ways you can #GoBeyond to make a difference this B Corp month.

1. How You Watch

Watching and supporting sports teams is one of the easiest ways you can help create positive change - all without having to leave the comfort of your sofa. Our partners England Rugby and Emirates Great Britain SailGP Team are perfect examples of how simply turning on the TV can have a huge impact.

The demand for women's sport on TV is higher than ever, and broadcasters have responded: there were 5x more hours of women’s sport broadcast in 2022 than in 2019. From the Lioness’ victory, to the first Women’s Tour de France, to rocketing viewing numbers; women's sport has had an incredible 12 months, and this is just the beginning.

Simply tuning in at home helps female athletes gain more visibility, sponsorship and funding. “We get amazing crowds and it’d be amazing for this growth to continue,” says Red Roses player Lydia Thompson. “Any support shown on social media channels and championing the game makes a huge difference too”, adds her teammate Zoe Aldcroft. SunGod's MOMENTUM campaign highlighted the change that still needs to come, and by tuning in online, on TV or in person, you too can be a part of that progress.

And it’s not just rugby where viewing numbers are key. SailGP has been designed to not only create some of the fastest and most action-packed sailing on the planet, but also to drive meaningful change, as the world’s first climate-positive sports league. By layering its first-of-its-kind Impact League over traditional racing, SailGP is proving that sports leagues can bring our planet into the heart of competition.

Our partner Emirates GBR SailGP Team achieved 2nd place in last year’s Impact League through their Protect Our Future campaign, which aims to help 1 million young people learn how to protect our planet through climate education. “We are not doing enough to empower young people. We need to go beyond the climate headlines and equip them with science-based knowledge and understanding.” - Hannah Mills OBE, Emirates GBR SailGP Team member & the most successful female sailor in Olympic history

The 2023 season has got off to an adrenaline-fuelled start, with the team currently sitting in 4th after narrowly missing out on the podium in New Zealand. Like all sports competitions, SailGP is fuelled and funded based on viewing figures, so by turning up on the day - whether that’s in person or online - and showing your support, you’re helping the team take their Protect Our Future campaign to more and more young people in the UK.

2. How You Travel

SunGod Ambassador Flora Beverley (@foodfitnessflora) is an ultrarunner on a mission to reduce her carbon footprint while still battling it out at the top of her sport. She’s made it her aim to continue racing all around Europe and get to the top of her sport, without taking a single flight. 

We caught up with Flora to find out more:

“For 2+ years now, I've got the train to any race I'm able to - both within the UK and in Europe - and it's not been nearly as hard as I expected! Even getting the train one way almost halves your travel emissions. My advice is to consider races closer to home - often we have amazing races right on our doorstep - and get the train whenever you can. If your work pays for any of your travel, ask if they'd allow you to take the train rather than a plane. It might take longer, but you can work for the whole journey if need be, so from a workplace point of view, it actually makes sense, and is so much easier!"

"I'm by no means perfect (who is?) but hopefully I can convince some people and brands to consider a better way of travelling that's better for them, and the planet."

3. How You Speak Up

Know you want to do something, but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Luckily, there are incredible charities out there, like our partner Surfers Against Sewage, who bring our voices together to make a difference - because we’re stronger together. 

Last summer, SAS brought together over 50,000 supporters through a petition to demand action from the government to protect our rivers from pollution. Currently 3 out of 4 rivers pose a serious risk to human health, and there are just 2 official bathing waters located on UK rivers.  51,689 of you came together to sign the petition, demanding action for our inland blue spaces.

“Designated bathing waters help bring communities together, driver water quality improvements, and protect both people and planet.” - Amy Slack, Head of Campaigns and Policy at SAS. The environmental benefits of clean rivers are impossible to understate, and cleaning up our act helps the fast-growing community of British open water swimmers stay healthy and happy through far-reaching mental and physical health benefits. 

SAS pinpoint the actions that have the biggest impact, and they collectively bring people together to work towards these large-scale projects. Individually, we can only do so much, but when we act in unison, our power is multiplied. 

4. How You Donate 

Our partner charities work tirelessly to put our biggest issues in front of decision-makers to drive systemic change - but this doesn’t come cheap. By donating to the right charities, you help the good work go further.

At SunGod, we’re a member of 1% For The Planet, which means we donate 1%+ of our revenue each year to sustainability-focused non-profits. Each pair of SunGods bought helps take us closer to our charity goals.

Here’s the lowdown on each of our charity partners:

Surfers Against Sewage is a grassroots environmental charity that campaigns to protect the ocean. From water quality, to plastic pollution, to ocean recovery, SAS advocates for our blue spaces on the ground and in government to help them thrive.

Protect Our Winters UK helps passionate outdoor people become effective climate advocates, to achieve systemic solutions to climate change. POW UK encourages us to harness our connection to wild places as a force to protect our world today and for future generations. 

The Bike Project collects second hand bikes, refurbishes them, and donates them to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Through offering cycling lessons and bike access, The Bike Proejct empowers refugees by providing independence, community, and health benefits - helping to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our society. 

You can support each of our charity partners by simply adding a £4 Limited Edition Microfibre to your SunGod order, which we’ll match to double the impact. 

5. How You Shop

Your spending power is so important - it defines which brands thrive, which survive, and which fail. “Buying B Corp” is a key way you can have greater control over what your money supports; but what does that mean? 

All B Corps commit to a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. That means we have these three pillars embedded into our legal charter, writing them into SunGod’s future forever. B Corps aren't perfect, but the B Corp logo is the best stamp of approval you can look for to ensure you're putting your money in the right places.

There are now over 6500 B Corps globally, covering everything from the food you eat, to the services you use, to of course, the sunglasses you buy. Here’s a list of a few of our friends in the B Corp Community who share our triple bottom line: 

- Lucky Saint: A beer brand with an aim to redefine expectations of alcohol-free beer, which has grown into the UK’s biggest Alcohol Free beer brand. @luckysaintbeer

 - Dryrobe: The original weatherproof changing robe. Created using durable fabrics, and designed to keep you warm and dry in any climate, Dyrobe has become the clothing of choice across the global surfing community.  @dryrobe

 - Allbirds: Allbirds is dedicated to making the most sustainable footwear they can - shoes people good in and good about - using the world’s best natural materials. @allbirds

 - Finisterre: Born in Cornwall, UK, Finisterres creates gear for surf and outdoor living that is built for adventure, and inspires a love of the sea. @finisterre

When you choose to buy from B Corps like SunGod, you’re choosing to put your money into brands that have made solid, verifiable commitments to people and planet. 

This B Corp month, the #WeGoBeyond campaign is shining a spotlight on the businesses that are doing things better; who are going beyond the status quo and taking action to create positive change.

However you Go Beyond this month - whether that's by tuning in to watch sports teams battle it out on the field, or by choosing to buy from B Corps instead of their competitors - know that you're making a difference.

Buy B Corp. Shop SunGod.