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SunGod x The Bike Project: Get Refugees Cycling

9 September 2021

“Cycling Has Saved My Life.”


How The Bike Project are transforming the lives of refugees and how you can still help...

Cycling forms a core part of our brand identity at SunGod. For most of us, we cycle because we can, because we want to and because it fulfils us. For those helped by The Bike Project, cycling represents all of this and more; it is a lifeline in a time of desperation and need. Through our partnership with this incredible charity, the SunGod community has played a major part in not only bringing bikes to refugees but totally transforming lives. Here’s how...

What is The Bike Project?

The Bike Project are a UK based charity that takes second-hand bikes, fixes them up and donates them to refugees and asylum seekers. But this charity is about so much more than that, they are empowering and transforming the lives of those who have fled from atrocity and persecution. A bike is a lifeline, giving people access to food banks, legal advice, health care, education and so much more - the Bike Project are quite literally making life better!

The work of The Bike Project doesn’t stop here though. The charity has a number of initiatives designed to support and educate refugees and asylum seekers to give them the best possible chance of success in their new lives. Funds raised through our partnership with The Bike Project this summer will contribute to the progression of these initiatives. One programme that is rapidly gathering momentum is ‘Pedal Power’ which encourages and teaches female refugees to cycle. The Bike Project team tell us more…

What is Pedal Power?

In 2014 The Bike Project started Pedal Power: Cycling classes by women, for women. With over 400 graduates to date, the Pedal Power programme teaches cycling to refugee and asylum-seeker women in a safe, supportive and empowering environment.

“When we first started donating bikes to refugees and asylum seekers, we noticed they were being picked up mainly by men. After a bit of research, we discovered that female refugees and asylum-seeker women either didn’t know about cycling or couldn’t cycle. So we created cycling classes created by and run by women that any refugee can sign up to. In the classes, these women are not just taught how to cycle, they learn about road safety, confidence, and basic bike mechanics." - Muna Hussen, The Bike Project Head of Marketing and Fundraising

“A lot of refugee and asylum-seeker women struggle with mental health. For me, cycling has really helped with depression and mental wellbeing. When you’re on the bike, you feel the freedom from whatever pain you’ve experienced in the past. Cycling has saved my life and I love helping women find the second chance at life that I have found.”- Comfort, Pedal Power Graduate and Instructor

And is it working?

“Over the past 7 years, we’ve had 400 graduates from the programme and our waiting list has been full ever since day 1! And despite donating 1411 bikes last year, we still have many refugees and asylum seekers waiting to get a bike and get going with Pedal Power. This year we’ve started expanding to other cities such as Cambridge, Oxford, Teesside and more, all to get more women cycling!” - Muna Hussen, The Bike Project Head of Marketing and Fundraising.

But the success of Pedal Power goes beyond numbers and stats. Former Pedal Power Project Manager, Nour speaks passionately about the sense of freedom and community the initiative is giving to these women:

“Pedal Power has been so important for refugee and asylum-seeking women. Many female refugees have been objectified and oppressed in the countries they have escaped from. Riding a bike allows these women to be themselves and escape from the boundaries that society has placed on them. Not only this, Pedal Power is a chance to come together as a community, encourage each other, break barriers and learn new skills!”

How can I help?

There is still time to do your part to contribute to this incredible initiative and others like it! To help us help The Bike Project, all you need to do is grab yourself a Limited Edition The Bike Project x SunGod Microfibre, available to add to any pair of Vulcans™, Airas™ or Velans™ on our website. Made from 100% recycled bottles, the Limited Edition microfibre is available for a donation of £4 which we will match to double the impact. You’ll need to move quickly as we've only got 200 left and these are selling FAST!

Your funds will help towards:
- Bike refurbishment costs.
- Funding hi-vis jackets, bike locks, tools and helmets which The Bike Project donates along with every bike.
- The Bike Project programmes such as Pedal Power: Paying instructors, materials to teach, the bikes and all the safety kit.
- Every £100 raised means one more bike to a refugee or asylum seeker.

SHOP NOW to take action today. With one simple gesture, you can transform a life.

We’re so proud to be working alongside the SunGod community to help the incredible efforts of The Bike Project and we really hope you’ll join us! Hear more from the people whose lives have been transformed by the charity in the video below: