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Driving Sunglasses


Sunglasses for driving, featuring polarized and non-polarized lens options, and a lifetime guarantee. Available with prescription.

The Best Driving Sunglasses

Driving sunglasses offer protection against UV and support clearer vision as you navigate the roads. Discover your perfect pair to help you look the part behind the wheel, with ultra-durable frames and unbeatable design technology.

Category 3 Sunglasses: The Legal Limit for Driving

Driving sunglasses should be ranked Category 1, 2 or 3, which makes them legal for driving in both the UK and the US. Category 4 sunglasses are darker, and are not legal for driving on roads. All SunGod sunglasses are Category 2 or 3, which means they have a VLT of 8% or above (this refers to the darkness of the tint), making them the perfect option for driving.

Polarised Anti-Glare for Every Light Condition

Polarised sunglasses contain an extra microfilter that cuts out glare, making them ideal as driving sunglasses. This means polarised sunglasses remove glare from the sun on a wet road, improving your vision, reducing eye strain and keeping you safer on the roads.

Our lifestyle sunglasses are available with or without polarisation, so you can choose the right pair for your needs. We also offer polarised and non-polarised prescription sunglasses, if you need added corrective lenses on the road. These are available with a wide range of prescriptions, making them the perfect driving accessory for anyone with less-than-perfect eyesight.

Whether you choose polarised, prescription, or simply our standard lenses, you can relax in the knowledge that SunGod lenses are precision-engineered to the highest standard. Our standard lenses are made from highly durable polycarbonate, while our premium 8KO® Nylon lenses offer all the performance qualities of Standard, while being tougher, lighter and clearer.

Clear Vision for Night Driving

Night driving sunglasses are designed to enhance contrast, keeping your eyes relaxed and improving clarity at night. For road users who drive at night, we suggest choosing a low-light or photochromic lens, which reacts to UV. Night driving glasses typically have a yellow-based tint, which increases contrast in low-light conditions.

Our best lenses for night driving are the HV Blue and Iris™ HV Blue - the latter is photochromic, meaning the lens will darken if the conditions outside your car get brighter. This makes it a truly versatile lens for driving at dawn and dusk. This technology has been brought in from the road cycling industry, where we work with 7x Tour de France-winning cycling team INEOS Grenadiers to develop some of the most advanced lens technology on the planet.

See Why Pros Choose SunGod

At SunGod, we're the official eyewear partner of F1 teams McLaren and Williams. Both these teams have chosen SunGod not just because of our high quality sunglasses, but also because of our commitment to the planet. We're a Certified B Corp, all our products are verified Carbon Neutral, and we offer a Lifetime Guarantee to keep products in circulation and out of landfill - to name just a few of our environmental initiatives.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, discover our Impact Report.