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  • Voted Best Sunglasses by GQ, The Independent, The Telegraph and Runner’s World. Voted Best Sunglasses by GQ, The Independent, The Telegraph and Runner’s World.
Road Running Sunglasses

Road Running Sunglasses


Sunglasses built to enhance every run. Featuring a zero-bounce frame, anti-fog lenses and an unrivalled Lifetime Guarantee.

Road Running Sunglasses Built for Performance.

Ultra-lightweight frames and industry-leading lenses combine to offer a new advantage for athletes who run on roads. Wraparound designs offer complete coverage, providing maximum protection and optimum vision in every setting, and all our sunglasses come custom as standard, letting you personalise your sunglasses to create the ultimate road running accessory.

The Best Sunglasses for Road Running.

Our running-specific sunglasses are the award-winning Ultras™. Whether you're exploring the trails or pounding the streets, the Ultras™ running sunglasses feature a frameless design to give you uninterrupted views of the path ahead. Lightweight and effortless to wear, this running-specific frame construction is designed to offer stability and bounce-free comfort for runners, whether you're tackling a 5k or an ultra marathon.

Check out our Guide to the Best Running Sunglasses to learn more about what to look for when choosing your next pair of running sunglasses.

Sunglasses Worn by the World's Best Runners.

Our running sunglasses are worn by some of the world's most decorated running athletes. World Number 1 Ultra runner Courtney Dauwalter wears the Classics³, while the UK's leading trail runner Tom Evans runs in his own Signature Series Ultras™ running sunglasses.

We use feedback from our athletes to shape and refine our running sunglasses, across every performance feature - from lens clarity (our market-leading 8KO® lens technology is optically superior and lighter than industry standard polycarbonate), to fit and comfort, to anti-fog properties. That way, we're constantly improving our products on our mission to create the world's best running sunglasses.

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