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  • Voted Best Sunglasses by GQ, The Independent, The Telegraph and Runner’s World. Voted Best Sunglasses by GQ, The Independent, The Telegraph and Runner’s World.

Women's Running Sunglasses.

Our women's running sunglasses optimise your vision on the road or trail. Enhance your runs with unbeatable visual clarity, memory polymer frames & lifetime guarantee-backed durability.

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Matte Grey with 8KO® Green

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Matte Grey with 8KO® Purple

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Frosted Clear with Silver Blue

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The Best Running Sunglasses for Women.

Discover women’s sunglasses to keep you focused on your running, with unparalleled designs that are built to last:

  • Ultras™ - Our award-winning, running-specific sunglasses. Featuring a zero-bounce, frameless shape and ultra-light frame, for maximum hold with every step. Designed for a medium-large head size.
  • Velans™ - A spherical lens for optimum focus, paired with a lightweight frame for ultimate optical precision. Ideal for a small-medium head.
  • Sierras™ - Classic design, contemporary twist. These running sunglasses are ideal for those with a small-medium head.
  • Classics³ - Everyday versatility. Perfect for everyday 5ks and for your long runs, these fit those with a medium head size.

Lens Technology

Lifetime Guarantee
Free repairs

8KO® Nylon
Market leading lens material

Designed by runners. For runners.

Our women’s running sunglasses are designed to make it to the finish line with you. Whether on the road or trail, discover the very best sunglasses for running from SunGod, featuring: Ultralight frames - Ultra-lightweight, flexible frames and hydrophilic contact points ensure zero-bounce and maximum grip. 
Customizable colors - Get creative and design your women’s running sunglasses in your favorite colors, or to match your best running gear. 
Secure hinges -  Our Pop-Lock™ screwless hinges offer long-lasting, highly durable hinge movement. 
Replaceable parts - With replacement sunglasses lenses available, simply grab a replacement set of lenses when you want to mix up your look.

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Courtney Dauwalter Wins Western States Run SunGod
Courtney Dauwalter Wins Western States Run SunGod

Maximize Visibility with 8KO® Lens Technology.

Our women’s running sunglasses are designed to provide optimum visibility in every condition. Whether you’re using them as road running sunglasses or trail running sunglasses, our eyewear is designed to enhance focus for every stride.

Our 2mm nylon 8KO® lens technology has been precision engineered for maximum optical clarity. Our running sunglasses for women are also available with up to 10 refined lens tints, with triple-layer scratch resistance for ultimate durability on every run.

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Guaranteed for Life.

We’re SunGod, a Certified B Corp™ specializing in market-leading eyewear with a mission to See Better. If your SunGods break - or you break them - we’ll repair your SunGods free of charge with our Lifetime Guarantee.

Because keeping your gear in play is better than throwing it away.