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See Better.

At SunGod, we see a better world; through our lenses, through our actions and through doing business better. Our planet is our playground, so we’re a community built brand that’s sustainable to our core. With you, our mission is multiplied and together we can See Better.


B Corp™

We are

Carbon Neutral.

Our Operations. Our Products. Our History.

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Carbon Neutral alone is not enough.

Our Journey to Net 0.

We are King's

Award Winners.

We've won the King's Award for

Sustainable Development.

At SunGod, we're driven by our mission to See Better. To see a better future, we need to build a business that's better for our customers and better for the planet. From our 1% for the Planet membership, to our Carbon Neutral products; from our charity partnerships, to our Lifetime Guarantee; protecting our playground lies at the heart of everything we do.”

Ali Watkiss, Co-Founder

Additional Resources.

Transparency and accountability allow for trust. Below you will find a copy of our Business Ethics, Company Code of Conduct, Environmental Policy, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy (DEI).

Business Ethics (PDF)
Company Code of Conduct (PDF)
Environmental Policy (PDF)
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy (PDF)

Carbon Neutral alone is not enough.

Our journey to Net 0.

Carbon Neutral is a good start but it's not enough. Verified projects help to counteract our emissions, but reducing our footprint is the priority.

In 2021, our footprinting helped us identify opportunities to reduce emissions and improve our business and products. Whilst already a lean, relatively low-impact business, there is still room for improvement and our mission to reduce our collective impact on the Planet is stronger than ever.

We’ve made it our business to be 100% Carbon Neutral and to join the global Net 0 journey.

We’ll never have zero emissions - as a business that creates and sells physical products, there are unavoidable emissions. Those that can be avoided are our priority: some can be tackled quickly; others require more time and collaboration. But we take responsibility for all of them, in our operations and supply chain.


Simple actions have a powerful impact. From renewable energy to recycling, responsible procurement to green data centres, virtual meetings to active commuting, we’re proud to say that our streamlined business practices and our previous efforts to be a low-impact business were reflected in the carbon footprint of our offices.


Our agile processes allow for quick action. We’re swapping air freight for sea freight, redesigning and rethinking our products and packaging to reduce weight and waste, and identifying and implementing materials with lower carbon emissions across our product range. In 2023, we will even further extend the use of our Infinite 100% Recycled frames across our collection.

As a Certified B Corporation, we’ve joined the B Corp Climate Collective with the goal of achieving Net 0 by 2030. The collective is committed to action and we’re hitting the ground running by working with ClimatePartner to build and implement concrete commitments for both long and near-term targets.

Our B Corp Certification demands accountability and transparency. ClimatePartner gives our actions credibility.

Now that all SunGod products are certified Carbon Neutral and now we know our footprint; it’s time to make reduction the priority and See Better, together, because Net 0 must be a collaborative journey.

increase in inbound sea freight over air freight (by weight) in Q1 22 compared to 2 years ago.
weight reduction of mailer bags, and now with 100% recycled material.