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SunGod X Protect Our Winters UK 2020: Winter needs YOU

16 December 2019

SunGod x Protect Our Winters UK 2020: Winter needs YOU



After sell-out success last year, we’ve stepped up our efforts collaborating with POW UK. Here’s how you can help…

>>>> Update <<<<

** SunGod x Protect Our Winters 2021 will be launching very soon. Stay tuned here for updates **

700 of you supported SunGod x POW UK this winter. Thanks to you, our Limited Edition SunGod x POW UK Goggle Straps and Microfibers have SOLD OUT! We have doubled your donations, and the total raised this winter is £5,600. Not only did the Limited Edition straps and microfibers sell out in record time, but together we have also raised over double the 2019 amount! Stay tuned for bigger and better things from our partnership with POW UK next winter, and remember... #winterneedsus

Why SunGod x POW UK?

SunGod simply wouldn’t exist without winter. Snowsports are a core part of who we are, both as a brand and as individuals, and we're seeing first-hand the effect that warming winters are having on our snow. Consequently, partnering with POW UK is a no brainer for us as we do our part in galvanizing our community to take positive steps to preserve our planet.

"We’re thrilled that SunGod offer a lifetime guarantee policy among other measures to ensure their carbon footprint stays low.” Sandy Trust, Protect Our Winters UK

How does SunGod work with POW UK?

In January 2019, in celebration of our first year collaborating with POW UK, we launched our SunGod X POW UK Limited Edition Microfibre. Thanks to the generosity of our SunGod community, these sold out within weeks. The proceeds from the sales generated over £2,400 in essential funds which were used in a number of POW UK projects and campaigns. One such campaign, #voteforsnow2019 has helped gather momentum to ensure over 2 million young people registered to vote this year. In addition to similar projects, POW UK use donations to fund their ongoing campaign to promote POW, engaging and educating the outdoor community to inspire them to take positive action on climate change.

What's new for 2020?

Winter needs us, and we need winter. Our tool for escape is under threat and we want to help take action. We've teamed up with Protect our Winters UK to design a Limited Edition POW UK Goggle strap and microfibre, unique to SunGod.

Add either or both to your Vanguards or Revolts order for a donation of £4 and we'll match your donation to double the impact. We sincerely hope you will share in our values to support this incredibly important charity.

Be part of something huge and do your bit to support POW UK today. You can read more about our collaboration with POW UK here.