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4 Lockdown Life Hacks From 4 Pro Athletes

16 April 2020

4 Lockdown Life Hacks From 4 Pro Athletes


Bored in quarantine? Re-invigorate with these quick wins from 4 SunGod pro athletes...

As we adapt to this new way of living, staying busy and staving off boredom is essential. 4 SunGod Pro athletes share 4 simple ways to help you live your best lockdown life…

1. maintain a POSITIVE attitude

Despite being stranded in the US, Pro Wakeboarder Carro Djupsjö has adopted a positive mental attitude to stay sane...

Carro says: “Not being able to get home, I’m in a strange situation. It has been a mental struggle but by adopting a positive attitude I am feeling optimistic about the future. For example, I am recovering from ACL surgery so I am constantly reminding myself that this situation is actually good for me! I can use this time to rehab my knee properly so that I come back to competing stronger than I ever have been. In between times, I’ve been staying busy doing some DIY building some rails we can use when we get back to wakeboarding.”


With the Olympics postponed, GB Rower Will Satch has had to refocus and find new ways to motivate himself.

Will says: “Don't mope around, get up, get out and crack on – that’s my new mantra! Find a routine that works around your new lifestyle and stick to it. I have discovered running and I work that in every day, but it really can be as simple as getting up and opening the curtains. The main thing is, as soon as you slow down, you can start to overthink things and that's not healthy for your brain.”


Pro Triathlete Tom Bishop has been getting inventive in his determination to keep training...

Tom says: “We're only allowed out once a day so it’s important to be clever with what we do. Alongside my treadmill and turbo trainer, I’ve also created an indoor swim circuit. This uses strength exercises to simulate how the swim challenges my body. Don’t let your reduced outdoor time limit how much exercise you’re doing – you’ve just got to use your imagination and the tools you have in front of you!"

4. Keep your brain busy

Pro Snowboarder Billy Morgan has been focussed on keeping his brain sharp during his quarantine.

“It’s so important to be physically busy during this time and I’ve been doing a lot of strength work in my garden to stay active. It’s equally as important to keep your brain active too. I’ve been been doing this by working a lot on my aerial awareness, doing a lot of accro work in the garden. I try and do some basic flips and cartwheels in the garden each day to keep me thinking fast and my brain fresh."

We’re proud of how our community is coming together to share how they’re manging their lockdown time. It goes to show that with a little ingenuity and a good attitude we can make the best of a strange situation. Continue to stay healthy and stay positive because our best adventures are yet to come!