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5 European Adventures to add to your Bucket List

7 September 2018

5 European Adventures to add to your Bucket List


Summer isn’t over yet! We asked 5 Instagram travel connoisseurs to share their ultimate European adventure spots...

What a sensational summer we have had and who says it has to end just yet?! As September draws near, the holiday makers will begin their pilgrimages back home. This makes for the perfect opportunity to cram in some last-minute summer adventuring before the evenings close in. But when Europe is your oyster, where do you head? Our adventure experts have agreed to impart their wisdom to help you escape the beaten track...

1. Lose yourself in Sardinia

Recommended by: Pierre Gaulon / @pierrewasthere

"Sprawled in the heart of the Mediterranean sea is Sardinia. It is much bigger than I thought it would be, you could easily get lost on this island! What I love most about Sardinia is that you can spend your mornings hiking in the mountains, followed by a chill session on one of the breathtaking beaches where the water is unbelievably clear. If you are looking for a variation of mountain adventures and total relaxation, Sardinia is your best bet! Beware though, you will never want to leave!"

2. Escape to paradise in Sirolo

Recommended by: Mattia Calí / @nightmareg3

"Hidden amongst the rugged, East Italian coastline, close to the town of Sirolo is a little known slice of paradise! The beach in question is called 'La Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle' which means 'The Beach of the Twin Sisters'. Totally undeveloped, this beach can only be accessed by boat or by a breath-taking hike which leads you through the forest and down through the cliffs. The boat is definitely the better option if you are afraid of heights but no matter how you get there, you will be rewarded with a near deserted beach and a crystal clear ocean backdrop. This is an absolute must for anybody looking to escape into the Italian wilderness and lose track of all time!"

3. Climb high in Chamonix

Recommended by: Samantha Schonewille / @outdorphins

"I chose to visit Chamonix in the French Alps because it is the promised land of gondola accessed mountaineering. It is a great place to visit in Summer for those less interested in the beach! The top of the Grands Montets cable car proved to be exactly what we had hoped for and from the top, you can continue to the summit or enjoy a full 360 degree view. The best part, of course, is that the gondola does nearly all the work and you can enjoy the scenery of the high Alps without the uphill grind.

At 3,300m oxygen is in short supply, so for those seeking a lighter experience, some of the best views can be found at the top of the stairs directly above the cable car station. From here, enjoy an unimpeded view of the peaks around you. You can also venture down to the snow which remains ski-able and refreshingly cool year-round. Thanks to the gondola, no matter what activities you choose, you will have ascended a mountain in the Alps!"

4. Kayak the coast in Xabia

Recommended by: Anthony Vrahimis / @antony_za

"Xabia is an old town located on the most Easterly tip of Spain and it is an absolute must! There is an abundance of spots to go free diving and snorkeling along the coast and the ocean is crystal clear. I would recommend renting a kayak and spending a day or two exploring the coast. I found quite a few rock jumps and secluded beaches around the coast that are impossible to reach on foot! The cave systems in nearby Denia are also a fantastic place to watch the sun set over the ocean. On top of all this, there are very few English-speaking people in Xabia, making it the place to go if you are looking for cultural immersion and peaceful seclusion!"

5. Take a dip in the volcanic pools of Gáldar

Recommended by: Stan Trevis / @stantrevis

“Gran Canaria is a stunning place and Gáldar, on the North side of the island is no exception. The beauty of the Island is largely due to its rocky landscape caused by volcanic activity. My friend Nestor and I were blown away by the 'Charcos', natural volcanic pools that we found near Gáldar. You can swim in these natural pools to discover totally different worlds with some beautiful starfish!"

"Important tip: Try not to swim in the pools while wearing sun cream or the water will become murky until the new tide arrives!"

Voila! There is certainly no need to dial your thoughts to winter just yet - Adding these less conventional adventure spots to your bucket list will undoubtedly lead to some unforgettable experiences! All you really need is a passport and a sense of wonder, Europe awaits!