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SunGod x Protect Our Winters

For the fourth year running we’re working with Protect Our Winters UK to take action and protect our powder days.

The Mission

“We help passionate outdoor people become effective climate advocates to achieve systemic solutions to climate change, protecting our world today and for future generations. As enthusiastic outdoor people, we harness our connection to wild places as a force for positive change. We're a loud, energetic, and insistent outdoor community that influences climate policy to protect the places we love. We see climate breakdown happening in our playgrounds, and we're communicating that message to policymakers.”

What does my donation go towards?

  • Delivering community education and engagement programmes.

  • Providing organisational climate action support.

  • Campaigning for systemic policy solutions, bringing the outdoor voice to the existing environmental base. From lobbying MPs to dropping in and voting, POW UK influences climate policy and elect climate change champions.

  • Supporting POW UK campaigns such as the #DivesttheDirt campaign, which is aimed at lobbying local councils to move their pensions away from fossil fuel investments.

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