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23 June 2022

See Better: A SunGod Film Series. Film #1



Film #1 from See Better: A SunGod Film Series. 

"Thanks to the ocean, and to that piece of board. It really changed my life." - Airton Cozzolino

Filmed on the remote Atlantic archipelago of Cape Verde, Grounded tells the story of one kitesurfer's commitment to stay true to his roots.

4x World Champion and Team SunGod Athlete Airton Cozzolino has travelled the world on his journey to the top of his sport, but he's never lost touch with where it all began: surfing waves on broken boards on the beaches of Sal, Cape Verde.

Beyond the titles and trophies, Grounded reveals the compelling story of an athlete who is rooted in his warm community, loyal to his humble beginnings, and committed to giving back to the young people of Cape Verde.

"If I can give them a broken board, even with a harness, or with a wetsuit, you already save a kid's life. Even with a wetsuit... It’s not about money, it’s about giving." - Airton Cozzolino

Watch Grounded now to discover the story of a world champion as he reconnects with the people and the place that made him.