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Billy park

Billy Morgan

Freestyle Snowboarding

Team SunGod

The first ever athlete to land a backside 1800 quad cork, Billy is no stranger to making history...

Born and bred in Southampton UK, Billy Morgan started snowboarding at the ripe old age of 14, on a local dry ski slope. With an acrobatics/gymnastics background, Billy took to the snowboarding scene like a duck to water, and it was in the air that Billy was really able to showcase his skills. Being able to spin multiple rotations with an aerial awareness that would take most riders years to master, Billy was soon able to throw tricks that many seasoned pros could only dream of.

"In Freestyle Snowboarding, So much preparation goes into a tiny moment. It would be impossible without the people who are invested in you behind the scenes."

15 years later, Billy is something of a legend on the UK snowsports scene. Donned in snowboarding sunglasses, he has created history. He became Team GB’s first-ever male winter Olympic medallist on snow, winning a Bronze medal in the Big Air event at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018. In 2016 he was GB's first-ever men’s snowboarder to win an X Games medal and in April 2015, Billy stunned the snowsports world as the first-ever athlete to land a backside 1800 quad cork! Not bad for a lad that took up the sport at the age of 14 on a dry ski slope...

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From leading UCI World Tour Team the INEOS Grenadiers to British Number 1 Snowboarder Billy Morgan, Team SunGod is packed with world-leading athletes. Explore the rest of Team SunGod here.