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Tom Evans trail running in Chamonix

29 April 2019

Adventure more than ever this summer with these 5 fitness hacks


SunGod Ambassador, ultra runner and nutritionist Max Willcocks shares his top fitness tips to help you adventure more than you ever have this summer...

At SunGod, we're obsessed with exploring and this summer will be no different! In preparation for the best summer yet, we asked Max (@maxwilko) to share his top 5 hints which will help you launch your fitness regime into the stratosphere so that you can adventure further than ever before!

1. Do more

One of the biggest obstacles that stops us from having one hell of an adventure is just in the willingness to 'do'. The same goes for training. Any form of training will have a benefit over doing nothing at all. Walk, run, sprint. Lift, carry, throw. Climb, jump and scramble. Make your everyday life just a little bit more random. Jump on a Boris bike in London, take the stairs on the underground - I’m being 100% serious when I say that getting yourself adventure fit is actually a mindset as much as it is a physical challenge. Be prepared to make things a little more difficult for yourself so that when you’re out there, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it done.

2. Specificity

Combine the complete randomness of an adventure with the talent of repetition and you’re on for a winner. If you want to hike a mountain then walk more, if you want to cycle up a col then ride more, if you want to climb a crag then lead more. Specificity is taking the overall objective of a task and breaking it down into its smaller components and then practising these. Climbing- work on your footwork, grip strength, lock offs. Hiking- change the gradients, descending, pole work. Running- speed work, tempo training and maximum aerobic function. Find an expert and train with them.

3. Eat and sleep better

This doesn’t need much explanation. Always fuel for what you have planned, eat well and sleep lots. A lack of sleep can actually make you less insulin sensitive - this means your body will literally have less energy and stores more fat just by sleeping less. For more info, have a look at Dr Rhonda Fitzpatrick.

4. Get a good crew

You can go to the best places on the planet but if you’re with the wrong people it will never be as much fun. This is what I call the 'Nando's Phenomenon' - nothing's better than smashing a Nando's with your crew. The same applies to an adventure - This also helps you stay committed to your training, a bit of peer pressure never hurt anyone! This will also help you work on your weaknesses.

5. Do your research

Some adventures might just look like people strapped a set of skis to their backs and marched up the first col that came into sight. Wrong. Adventures are measured environments with a bunch of sightly less controllable variables. A knife edge ridge line can be a dangerous place, spend time getting used to these types of environments. Being crazy doesn’t actually mean acting crazy. The coolest thing you can actually do is return home safe and have a beer with all your mates in one piece.

If this hasn't inspired you to lace up your adventure shoes and get out of the door this spring then we don't know what will! Make this YOUR summer, so get fit and make this the best summer yet - nothing beats a days exploring and you will enjoy it infinitely more if you are feeling at your best!