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6 February 2024

The Best Sunglasses for Baseball

Our Favourite Sunglasses for Baseball in 2024

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The best baseball sunglasses are designed to enhance every aspect of your vision for the game. Whether batter, pitcher, or coach, you need optimal visual clarity and protection. Ensure you can see clearly to make every home run, catch, and fastball with our guide to the best sunglasses for baseball. 

Table of Contents:

What Are the Best Baseball Sunglasses Features to Look For?

The best sunglasses for baseball offer optimal features to enhance your game. High-quality baseball sunglasses will help to improve your vision, protect your eyes from UV rays, and feel ultra lightweight on your face as you play. The best features in our men’s sunglasses and women’s sunglasses to support your baseball performance are:

  • Premium lens technology - Our 8KOⓇ lens technology allows us to offer the best sunglasses for baseball. Our lenses are made from 2mm nylon, and are up to 70% clearer than the industry-standard polycarbonate you'll find in most baseball sunglasses.

  • Impact-resistant frames - Our sunglasses are designed with impact-resistant frames and shatterproof lenses, to stay intact no matter how hard you play. With Pop-Lock™ Screwless Hinges for extra security and long-lasting durability, your baseball sunglasses from SunGod will last season after season.  

  • 100% UV protection - The best baseball sunglasses offer complete protection from harmful UV rays. SunGods offer 100% UVA and UVB protection.

  • Shatterproof lenses - Shatterproof lenses are a must, keeping your eyes safe if a ball comes at your face. All SunGod sunglasses are impact-resistant, meeting ANSI Z87.1-2003 and 21 CFR 801.410 US safety standards.

  • Lightweight designs - Lightweight materials mean you can put your best baseball sunglasses on, see better, and focus on your sport. 

  • Depth perception - In baseball, it's essential to be able to judge distance, and your sunglasses need to support that. Our best baseball sunglasses feature market-leading lenses which make colors appear brighter and boost contrast, helping you judge depth better. 

Best All-Round Baseball Sunglasses

The best sunglasses for baseball are our visor shaped frames, which includes our bestselling Velans™. 

  • These sunglasses feature a wraparound design, for unobstructed peripheral vision. That way, you can keep your eye on every aspect of the game, no matter your position. 

  • The visor shape helps to offer excellent wind protection, to shield your eyes and help you stay focused on the game in front of you.    

  • With multiple replacement lenses and frame parts to choose from, you can tailor your baseball sunglasses to suit you. Swap your lenses out for the optimum light conditions, or to customize your baseball sunglasses to suit your team colors. 

Product Image

Matte Black with 8KO® Silver Blue

Best Selling Sunglasses for Baseball

Our best selling casual sunglasses for baseball are our Renegades™. This classic, rectangular design delivers maximum performance for the active everyday. 

  • This cutting-edge pair will take you from training, to the field to the after-game celebrations with ease. 

  • Market-leading lenses and durable frames combine for everyday wear or sports, ideal for a universal face shape. 

Product Image

Matte Black with 8KO® Polarised Blue

+ Free Pair

Best for Outfield 

For outfielders, you’ll want a pair of baseball sunglasses that provide enhanced color contrast for the best optical clarity on the field. The best baseball sunglasses are customizable, making it easier than ever to choose the right lenses for you. 

Customize your pair of Vulcans™ using our 8KOⓇ Fire lens tint for the best sunglasses for baseball outfielders.

For outfield, you need to be able to judge depth perception, to enhance your performance as you play. For this, you’re likely to steer clear of polarized sunglasses. These lenses can impact your depth perception making it harder to aim your throws or spot the ball for catching. During baseball, you’re unlikely to experience a lot of glare from the grass or dirt, so polarized lenses therefore aren’t an essential feature to find the best baseball sunglasses. 

Best for Coaches

No matter the time of day you’re coaching, you’ll need the best baseball sunglasses to support you. 

  • Our Pace Series™ performance sunglasses are available in two Iris™ photochromic lenses, for maximum optical clarity whatever the conditions. 

  • Coaches could opt for our Airas™ with photochromic lenses which adapt to the changing light conditions. This means you don’t need to swap your lenses out whether you’re coaching in the morning, evening, or on cloudy days. 

Product Image

Matte Grey with 8KO® Gold

Best for Pitchers

The options for pitchers are more limited, because it’s likely up to the umpire if you can wear your sunglasses or not. For this reason, the best baseball sunglasses for pitchers are likely those without a mirrored lens, and with a light or clear tint. 

  • The best baseball sunglasses for pitchers, are our Velans™ featuring our 8KOⓇ HV Blue lens or 8KOⓇ Clear lens. 

  • That way, you can see the benefit of enhanced vision and 100% UV protection, and the umpire can still see your eyes. 

Best for Batters 

Whilst not every player likes to wear sunglasses while batting, sometimes you need the added help if you’re batting into the sun. The best baseball sunglasses for batters are designed to stay put, no matter how much you move. 

Our Tempests™ are great for sweaty practices and games: with hydrophilic Grip-Lock™ nose pads and ear socks, grip increases the more you sweat. You can put your all into every swing, dart between bases, or home run, with enhanced vision to support your game. 

See Better with SunGod

At SunGod, we’re passionate about creating the best performance eyewear, combined with our sustainability mission. We believe in our road cycling sunglasses, trail running sunglasses, and sailing sunglasses so much that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee, meaning that if they break, or you break them, we’ll repair them for free.